Sunday, June 11, 2006

It's about damn time!

You know how there's that thing that you keep telling yourself you need to do... you need to get that done but it always never seems to get done? That's me reminding myself to journal/blog/record my crap. Not that anyone gives one but hey... with the way my memory is... I need a record of what I've done or I won't remember that I've lived! Photos record that you had a life... journaling and scrapping shows that you lived it!

So today started like many others...backache, pms, Drew in his crib just seemingly waking up on full throttle. Fed him breakfast, dinked around...and decided to make good on an invite -- I went to go see Travis race. Oh my GOD those guys are SICK out there... I was getting notes and pointers from Tudor -- one of his coaches (?) -- cool guy... I dig the accent (British)... on the sidelines as we watched 3 of his races. Those are just INSANE fast... I could NOT handle the adrenaline required to do that but it sure looks like a hell of a lot of fun! I want to take the camera out some mondo lenses and just test out my stuff! I think that'd be the bomb! What a fun job too... Watching them scuff up their knees... pass one another on the turns... it's wicked! Would I ever do it? Hell no but I can see myself being a fan on the sidelines! That's really neat to watch. The sounds as they go by... veeeeeeeeee.... and then you hear the Ducs go by... brrrrrrrrrmmmmmmm one sounds like it's just screaming every last thing it's got and then the Ducs go by and they're SOOO deep... it's really cool. It's fun to just watch the people out there too...even though they compete against one another it's great comradere. The gear is thick... I was miserable, I can only imagine what black leathers in the Texas sun feel like when you're doing Mach 10 on a straight away...

And of course, the Mavs are playing tonight.... Game 2 of the playoffs... little man is now down (late nap -- apparently I'm the only one that knows when he's fussy and had a short nap... just put him down and save everyone else the agony of a pain in the butt!)... So now, I'm going to grab a shower... it was about 101 / 102 today... who knows what the heat index was ...but I drove with the windows down and my legs were freaking slimy and sliding across the leather seats on the way home (YUCK)... can I say it again?! I HATE TEXAS SUMMERS they suck a$$! I can't wait for Colorado and some 50 degree nights!!! I'm SO going to enjoy it...when can I move there??? I'm counting the days!!!!