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The Lil Journal Project Day 37

Lil Boo Blue is hosting a Journal Project on her blog.  I thought this was a unique opportunity to perhaps stroll down memory lane.  I seem to be so fond of doing that from time to time.

Day 37:  How many of your teachers can you remember from pre-school to high school?  Try to make a list.  Skip over the ones you can't remember... it might come back to you.  Jot down anything else that comes to mind:  school name, principal, PE teacher, librarian, bus driver, advisors, etc.

Wow, this is a stroll down memory lane.  A long one... 

I attended Pre-School next door to my grandmother's house.  It was taught by a woman name Tubby Toombs.  She was a retired teacher that, obviously, taught preschool out of her house.  It was awesome.  I remember the smell of the black permanent ink markers.  I loved doing projects with them.  (No, I didn't become a "huffer" at an early age, I just distinctly liked the smell.  Jack-holes!)  One bonus of attending PS at Tubby's house was that it also included swimming lessons.  BONUS!  Well, that and it was next door to my Mawmaw's house which was probably my favorite place to be.  I also recall doing projects with glow-in-the-dark crayons and black lights.  So cool.... and the hermit crabs.  One pinched me on the thumb.  That will teach me to pick them up, huh?  I learned to read, write, swim, spell, sing... you name it... before I ever stepped foot in a real school.



My first elementary school was at M.C. Lively Elementary.  I always thought that was SO neat to go there specifically because it was where my father had attended.  My Kindergarten teacher was Mrs. Stevenson (or Stephenson).  I'm not certain of the spelling.  I remember she was SO TALL (to me).  In retrospect, I suppose all adults are tall to 5 year-olds.  I remember we had carpet squares where we would all sit during circle time and one day a little boy had an "accident" on his.  I felt badly for him and after he changed into extra clothes she kept in a supply closet, I let him have my square so he had a place to sit and I just sat on the rug.  I loved playing in the centers.  Each group of kids were assigned a color and shape and those were on large squares of laminated construction paper.  Those would be clipped up to each of the centers so you had to look and see exactly where you were "assigned" for that time period.  I loved those times...and I LOVED learning all The Letter People (pictured)!  Those were SO MUCH FUN to me.  Each letter was Ms. "Something" or Mr. "Something" and we did all kinds of activities that correlated to each one.  That was probably what began my true love affair with words and letters.  

In thinking about attending school at MC Lively, I'm not sure why I went to school there since we weren't in that school district.  It was, however, close to my grandmother's house and I stayed with her before and after school each day.  She always met me at the corner and we would walk to her house together (unless it was raining or something).

First Grade
I attended half of first grade at MC Lively as well in Mrs. Manning's class.  I don't remember much of her... I do think she had short brown hair.  I think my sister had had her for a teacher as well when she was in first grade.  I could be wrong.

Eventually I transferred over to a fancy new school when we moved from Cunningham in (somewhat) North Irving to Woodoak in South Irving.  John F. Townley Elementary was FAAAANNNNCY!  Mrs. Margaret Young was the principal.  She wore lots of polyester shirts that tied around the neck in a bow and had an infectious laugh.  I also remember Mrs. Vanderbilt in the office (or something that started with a V).  She was so pretty to me.  Fluffy blonde hair that was always immaculately styled.  This new school was, in a word, AMAZING!  They had an actual aviary inside with dove.  Their coos were so peaceful to hear as you walked down the halls.  My best friend growing up, Shane Echols, cared for them.  He lived across the street.  Anyway, for the day, this school was state-of-the-art!  The classrooms had these convex bubbles that were the windows for the passers-by in the hall to see in.  The colors were so fresh and vibrant.  There was even a ceiling to floor waterfall with a little bridge.  The library was an open concept floor-plan and was probably one of my favorite places to be.  Mrs. Cargill was our librarian and, although I thought she talked kind of funny and was as skinny as they come, she was so excited about books.  That got ME excited about books, too!  I remember when we had author, Marc Brown come to our school.  I was just beside myself and probably dominated his time with questions about writing and illustrations....

My first grade teacher was Mrs. Adams.  However, I didn't get to meet her until several weeks later because the day I happened to start school, she went into labor.  I was sitting in her class... while the entire class went WILD since there was no teacher.  I didn't know anyone other than David Stambaugh (from church and our parents worked together at Irving Police Department).  The class was acting just like you'd imagine they would in a movie if the teacher was gone.  The back corners of the classroom had what they called a "reading pit" with three steps that went down to a lower area that had one raised "seat" for the teacher in the corner.  Kyle Barbour was running down the pit, hopping up on the teacher seat and then jumping off and running back up the stairs and spinning on his stomach on the tables at the back.  He wasn't the only one.  There were many.  I remember that day -- my first day there -- the principal walking into the classroom with her paddle, grabbing about 13 students, taking them to the back workroom that adjoined the classrooms and  you could just hear "WHACK WHACK WHACK".  You'd then see a crying child grabbing their backside and walking back to their seats to sit quietly.  THAT was my first day at school.  I was SCARED SHITLESS!  THEY BEAT PEOPLE HERE!

Second Grade
Second grade was Mrs. Jo Carol Adamson.  She was about 4'10' and had a vast collection of polyester pantsuits in all kinds of pastel colors.  She always wore heels.  Her mother, "Dot," was my nurse at our family doctor, Dr. Powell.  She was feisty!  This is the year that I was exposed to chicken pox and missed all of the Christmas parties and fun December "stuff" you do in elementary school.  My entire Christmas break was spent at my grandmother's taking Aveeno oatmeal baths and sleeping.  Chicken pox sucked.

Third Grade
Third grade was Mrs. Gallagher.  I was told that she was one of the MEANEST teachers at the school.  She was a former Drill Sgt. in the military.  Frankly, I adored her.  I remember at one particular school gathering she was recognized for some significant moment in her military career... and she broke down crying.  She was the first true patriotic person I can recall meeting (other than my grandfathers).

Fourth Grade
This was my favorite year of school -- anywhere -- ever!  Mrs. Carol Schober was my teacher.  She has beautiful porcelain skin, dark hair and bright lipstick.  She loved apples.  I loved her handwriting.  I loved her disposition.  I loved her black velvet jacket and red shirt that she'd wear to class.  She had a hamster, too.  Smokey.  He bit me once.  I'm seeing a pattern here with classroom pets and being a snack.  She would read to us and while many kids would fall asleep, I would get lost in the words.  We memorized Shel Silverstein poems in her classroom.  I can recite many of them today.... Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me, Too.... We read "Where The Red Fern Grows."  This was just my most favorite year... my most favorite teacher... I was more sad that this school year came to an end than any other.  What is quite awesome, however, is that we have found one another again through Facebook and have become friends.  She's still just as amazing as ever!

Fifth Grade
Again, I received "the meanest" teacher in school -- Mrs. Morris.  Again, kids truly don't know the quality of a teacher.  She was amazing.  Shane Echols and I were in her class together.  We were always in trouble.  If we weren't talking, we were putting glue on our hands and letting it dry so that we could peel it off.  I'm not sure many days went by without my name on the board (for talking).  Can you imagine?  Gasp!  This is the year I was able to be on the Safety Patrol.  What a big deal that was.

Sixth Grade - Eighth Grade
Lamar Junior High School, Irving, Texas  Unfortunately, I'm really drawing a blank here.  

Sixth grade -- Mr. Tyrone was a science teacher.  Gene Penrod who used to be my best friend (until about a year ago) and I were introduced in this class.  They wanted me to dissect a baby pig and I refused... and sat in the hallway...and cried.

I remember having a math class and Joshua Price would sit behind me right after PE and he always smelled like B.O.  I hated that.

Mrs. Petty was my reading teacher.  I always thought she talked kind of like she was clenching her back teeth together.  This was one of the only classes I ever almost failed.  I still have no idea why.

Ms. Garner taught History.  She was awesome.  She taught kids HOW to take notes from which to study.

Ms. Tickle was the speech and Drama teacher.  I loved her.  She loved me.  She smoked which made her breath and clothes stink... Oh and she had that typical "smoker's laugh."  Other than that flaw, she was awesome.

Mrs. Woods was my English teacher in 6th and I LOVED the way she taught.  She was probably my favorite teacher that year.

Mrs. Vickery was my 8th grade English teacher... I think.  She used the word "contemplate" a lot.  She had a vocabulary that I envied.  I loved that.  She was pregnant... wore a lot of dresses.

I kind of feel like a huge HEEL not remembering all the teachers I had... especially in knowing that we had SIX PERIODS each day for THREE DIFFERENT YEARS.  You'd think I'd remember more.

I remember taking an elective about the stock market.  That was one of my most interesting classes.  I think, however, this class should have been geared more toward high school.  My team was the one who won, however, by not losing our money.  We had an amount we had to invest over the semester and then watch it grow (hopefully)... follow trends... know when to buy and sell, etc.

Ninth - Twelfth Grades
I honestly don't remember much of this era at all.  I have probably blocked it all out.  Chester W. Nimitz High School in Irving, Texas.  Class of 1991.


I remember Mrs. Butts.  Great personality.  I have no idea what she taught.  I remember she had HUGE hair (beehive) and used LOTS of Aquanet.  It was quite gross.

Mr. Simpson -- Physics.  Fun guy.  Hated his class because he required the building of PROJECTS every 6 weeks which I never did.  I am NOT "builder" savvy.  Never have been.  Aspire to be but never have been.

Ms. Cowen was a short black teacher with bug eyes and a big mouth and an even bigger personality.  LOVED this woman!  She taught Speech/Debate.  David Webb stole my Oakley shades in this class.

Mrs. Jasheway -- Chemistry -- tree huggin' granola hippy chick who never shaved her pits... spent most of our class teaching with her head laying on the lab table because she had morning sickness.  I quit showing up to her class because she NEVER TAUGHT.  She never counted me absent or tardy.

I remember Ms. Ditucci.  She was my French teacher.  I thought she was ... odd... and a little too perky.

I remember Ms. Massengil... I believe she was English.  I loved her.  Everyone else hated her.  Do you not notice a homologous tendency for me to not only like teachers everyone else hates, but also to just adore my English teachers?  Hmmmmm....

Mrs. Gallemore was the Geometry and Algebra teacher.  She would nod her head a lot like a bobble-head doll.  It was distracting.  She was also the cheerleading coach.  She would use hot rollers on her hair.  It was rather big.

My favorite teacher of all of high school HAD to be Mr. Coltharp.  I'll give you three guesses as to the subject he taught.  Of course -- you guessed it -- English.  The man was BRILLIANT!  He taught Shakespeare with more passion... you were IN the moment. I loved absolutely everything about his class.  Senior English was da bomb!

Those are the few that I can remember.  I am almost tempted to break out the yearbooks to peruse.  That would probably be considered cheating, huh?

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Sunday Stealing

The (20) First (Questions) Meme

Today we ripped off a blogger named Paul Burgin from the blog Mars Hill. It is 20 questions, He says he got it from Paul Linford. But, it was probably stolen there as well. So, of course, that will be as far as we go. Tracing back our theft's thieves might take some time. Take the time to comment on other player's posts. It's a great way to make new friends! Link back to us at Sunday Stealing!

First Job: First Real Job:  I worked for my grandmother from age 8 to 18 off an on in the summers.  She owned a company called Midnight Ceramics.  She supplied decor to a warehouse that provided interior decorators with items to utilize when staging model homes for several builders in the DFW area.  I was paid cash... so some may not consider that a "real" job, so if you want to talk one I paid into the good ole tax pool, that'd be Colter's BBQ.  It has since been shut down.  I'm not even sure if the chain is in business any longer.  

First Volunteer Job:  We were always helping with something so much that I don't really remember anything sticking out specifically.  I do, however, remember teaching Sunday school at South MacArthur Church of Christ in high school.  I don't consider that a "job"...but it was fun and I was a volunteer.

First Car:  1982 RX7 which I couldn't afford the insurance to so I got an EXP.  Hated that stupid car... was red... was a stick shift... smelled funny and the coil went out. But the stereo kicked ass.  

First Record:  I have no idea.  Truthfully, not a single solitary clue.  Is that supposed to be a big, memorable moment in someone's life? 

First Sport Played:  I didn't get to play a lot of sports because my sister did that so by the time it was time for me to participate in such activities...the parentals didn't really want any part of that kind of time commitment... So, it wasn't until I was in junior high that I played in an "organized" sport (basketball, track, etc.)

First Concert:  I attended MANY concerts with my dad as a kid.  Every year there was an Oak Ridge Boys benefit concert for kids... we attended.  I loved it.  I went to many concerts with my dad, too, because he worked them (as a police officer).  I was able to meet many personalities... Chuck Berry was one of my favorites.  But, my first REAL concert sans parents was 1984 to see Van Halen with my sister.  

First Country Visited:  Mexico.  It was during spring break...  before I knew any better.

First Kiss:  Michael Bates, 4th grade, Mid Cities Skate Town.  

First Speech:  7th Grade, Mrs. Tickle's class, Speech/Debate and I OWNED it!  I'm fairly certain I was this confident...

First Girlfriend/Boyfriend:  Robert Antonetti, 4th grade

First Encounter with a Famous Person:  Again, many of these were when I was so young that I wouldn't be able to recall... because of my dad working and my being able to tag along... Donny Osmand, Dick Clark, some famous country singer.... was really sexy.... Chuck Berry... but I couldn't recall who was the "first."  

First Brush With Death:  Being born.  Ha!  I like to think that I haven't had one of those.... either that or I've apparently got 9 lives.  

First House/Flat Owned:  4576 Bramble Lane, Colorado Springs, CO.  I visited there almost 7 years ago with Drew and the place has gone to hell in a handbasket.  Looks HORRIBLE adn the neighborhood looks so run down.  No one takes pride in their homes, yards, nothing.  Very sad.  According to THIS picture, they did take in the porch which is kind of sad.  It was so cute!

First Film Seen at a Cinema:  Not a clue.  I do, however, remember seeing The Howling when I was young.  It came out in 1981 which means that I was 9 or 10 years old... In my opinion -- entirely TOO YOUNG -- to have seen that.  I had nightmares for MONTHS after seeing this movie.  I had to sleep with a flashlight for a good year... and a nightlight.... and I was terrified of walking from my best friend's house to mine by myself... I WOULD SPRINT.  If I heard a rustle in the leaves as I was running, I would nearly have a panic attack.  

First Media Appearance (Radio, Newspaper, TV):  I was on a local tv show filmed about my grandmother's next door neighbor because she taught swimming lessons.  PM Magazine I think was what it was called.  I helped her with swimming lessons and was featured on the show with her.  That was the first.... there have been others.

First Hospital Stay:  Being born.  I was a preemie (4 pounds 9 oz.) so I had to stay 5 days.  Came home on Christmas morning in a stocking.  For real... they stuffed me in a stocking and they couldn't get me out.   No, this wasn't me, but it was cute... my stocking was smaller... and I'm positive that I was *much* more adorable than this little brat.

First Book You Remember Reading:  Little Women, The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles 4th grade.  

First Pet:  Casey, black cocker spaniel.  He was an outside dog.  I always hated that he was an outside dog.  He hardly got any attention.  I hated that.  He was so fluffy.  This isn't him but it looks like him. 

First Election You Voted In:  1996.  I voted for Clinton.  For the record, I wasn't ever a fan of Gore.  To this day, he is an idiot, a hypocrite and full of himself.  

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Saturday 9

Welcome to Saturday: 9. What we've committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do "random questions," so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don't have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love memes, however, and here is today's meme!

Saturday 9: Call Me Maybe

1) Do you owe anyone a phone call?  Today, no.  Usually, yes.  If I thought about it, I'm sure there's someone I've said "I'll call you back" to but I don't remember at the present time so they don't count.  I do that a lot, however -- say I'll call back and totally forget.  Don't believe me?  Just ask my mom.  LOL

2) Do you still have a landline phone?  Yes.  We have to have one because our home's alarm system is tied into the telephone.  Plus, I like the safety factor of having a telephone in the event the boys need to call 911.

3) When was the last time you looked up a number in the phone book?  We don't own a phone book.  Haven't in years.  Frankly, I think they're a HUGE waste of trees!

4) Do you receive more calls or texts?  Text.  I think.  

5) Carly Rae made the Final 3 on Canadian Idol. Can you name another cultural import from Canada?  Nickelback.  :)  LURVE them.  

6) Sam grew sick of this song by hearing it too often on the radio. Where do you listen to the radio most often? Car? Work? Somewhere else?  I listen to Satellite radio because of the fact that I hate huge conglomerates owning the airwaves and dictating playlists.  

7) Mother Winters can work wonders with an iron and a can of spray starch. Every blouse and shirt she presses looks good as new. Is there a domestic chore you excel at?  Cooking.  I kick ass.  Just call me Betty Freakin Crocker!

8) Do you consider yourself competitive?  It depends on if it's something I give two shits about.  If it's something I truly consider worthy of my time... sure.  If I were to pick up a ping pong paddle and play a game... I don't really care if I win or lose as long as I have fun... but I would WANT to kick someone's ass at it, sure!  Do I care if I lose at THAT?  Notsomuch.  So, as long as it's not ping pong.. then yes... I want to kick your ass at everything I can... not because I want to make you feel badly, but because I just have to win...and be right... and be better... and yea, to make you cry like a little bitch... so yeah. Maybe I am.  Shut up.

9) Tell us your superhero name -- as determined by the color of your shirt and an item to your right. For example, Crazy Sam now fights crime as The Light Blue Coffee Mug!  The Black Moose  (Moose is the name of our Rot)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Five Question Friday

1. What is a hobby you would love to learn and why?  I would LOVE to learn woodworking.  You know, dreaming up a design, using powertools and drills and electric saws and routers and stuff.  I think that would be so ultra fantabulous!  Besides, there's something super cool about a woman that can use powertools.  Think about it!  I'd be like... unstoppable!  And I'd probably look like this dork... 

but FEEL like this one...

Because, you know, every woman works with steel and sanders wearing a gold lamme bikini top holding up her $6000 boob job, right?  

2. What do you wish you could have delivered to your house but does not deliver? Patience.  Does that count?  Otherwise, I'd say wardrobe choices for whatever I was shopping for because I hate going to dressing rooms trying on "stuff" when it would be far easier to say, "I want a red short dress that makes me look sexy."  Then, there would be five delivered to try on.  Would that not be awesome? 

3. What's your favorite snow day activity? Inside and out? I love the snow.  Have I mentioned that before?  I'm fairly certain I have.  My favorite outside activity would be just being IN the snow... especially with the kids... building a snowman... making a snow fort wall so that we can fling snowballs at one another and the general mayhem that ensues with little people afoot during such times.  My favorite thing to do indoors is to open all the blinds, cover up with a heated blanket, sip hot tea and read.

4. Would you meet a stranger from an Internet dating site? Sure.  I have before.  Besides, if you're corresponding back and forth, they're hardly a stranger by the time you actually MEET them...

5. If you had to spend 35 hours in a car with 4 other people, who would you choose? Thirty-five hours?  Yikes.  If I were being a good mom I'd say Andy, Josh, Drew and Ben.  However, what mom would WANT to spend THIRTY-FIVE-FREAKIN hours in a car with three boys who can't spend fifteen minutes in the same room without hurting one another?  SHEESH.... I really don't want to answer this.  The truth is that there aren't many people on the planet that I'd want to spend ONE hour with.... let alone thirty-five.  The jury is out on this one...sorry.

Friday Fill-Ins

It's Friday and you know what that means [cue the trumpets] Friday Fill-Ins!  There is the list we go! 

1. Paisley is good on scrapbook paper, bed linens and ties but otherwise really serves me no purpose.

2. My signature style is a baseball hat with my hair pulled back in a ponytail.  However, I did just buy a new cowboy hat and I think it pretty much rocks!

3. Where is that damn fairy godmother when you need her?  I need some bippity boppity boo goin' on here.  Been sick going on like... ten days now and I'm SICK OF BEING SICK!

4. Will my love affair with vanilla thumbprint cookies ever end?  I don't think so.  They're magically delicious.

5. Sometimes, less is less and that sucks.  Like with peanut butter.... less is a very, very, VERY bad thing.  Or with guacamole.  Or with money.... less REEEEHHHHLLY sucks then.  However with "stuff" less is definitely more... more or less. {snicker} I mean, think about it though... the less you HAVE -- the less you have to clean, arrange, store, organize, insure, bequeath... 

6. I make a mean baked chicken using Grey Poupon.  

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (WAAHOOOO) tomorrow my plans include an 8am basketball game for my little Drew-dles followed by baseball practice for Josh and Sunday, I want to enjoy dinner with my dad to celebrate his birthday (it was this past Thursday)  Happy birthday, Dad!