Friday, February 22, 2013

Five Question Friday

1. What is a hobby you would love to learn and why?  I would LOVE to learn woodworking.  You know, dreaming up a design, using powertools and drills and electric saws and routers and stuff.  I think that would be so ultra fantabulous!  Besides, there's something super cool about a woman that can use powertools.  Think about it!  I'd be like... unstoppable!  And I'd probably look like this dork... 

but FEEL like this one...

Because, you know, every woman works with steel and sanders wearing a gold lamme bikini top holding up her $6000 boob job, right?  

2. What do you wish you could have delivered to your house but does not deliver? Patience.  Does that count?  Otherwise, I'd say wardrobe choices for whatever I was shopping for because I hate going to dressing rooms trying on "stuff" when it would be far easier to say, "I want a red short dress that makes me look sexy."  Then, there would be five delivered to try on.  Would that not be awesome? 

3. What's your favorite snow day activity? Inside and out? I love the snow.  Have I mentioned that before?  I'm fairly certain I have.  My favorite outside activity would be just being IN the snow... especially with the kids... building a snowman... making a snow fort wall so that we can fling snowballs at one another and the general mayhem that ensues with little people afoot during such times.  My favorite thing to do indoors is to open all the blinds, cover up with a heated blanket, sip hot tea and read.

4. Would you meet a stranger from an Internet dating site? Sure.  I have before.  Besides, if you're corresponding back and forth, they're hardly a stranger by the time you actually MEET them...

5. If you had to spend 35 hours in a car with 4 other people, who would you choose? Thirty-five hours?  Yikes.  If I were being a good mom I'd say Andy, Josh, Drew and Ben.  However, what mom would WANT to spend THIRTY-FIVE-FREAKIN hours in a car with three boys who can't spend fifteen minutes in the same room without hurting one another?  SHEESH.... I really don't want to answer this.  The truth is that there aren't many people on the planet that I'd want to spend ONE hour with.... let alone thirty-five.  The jury is out on this one...sorry.

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