Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Ghost in the Water Closet

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm fascinated with ghosts, or more specifically, the idea of ghosts. I have been known to watch Paranormal State, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Lab and the like. I've seen Paranormal Activity. And, for the record, no, I won't see the 2nd... I read the spoiler and it's too much for me with having a little one at home. I say no way, Jose. Thankyouverymuch! But I am also known to come up with a reasonable explanation for just about everything. Hearing the toilet flush upstairs in the middle of the day when no one (but me) is home... leaky toilet. Still can make you get the shivers though! Well, tonight, we had another of those types of experiences. Andy was in the closet changing. I was in the closet changing. Ben was (or had just been) in the closet cleaning out one of the drawers of all the nicely folded boxer shorts (you know they look so much more inviting in a frumpled pile on the floor!). Then we heard it. Splish. Splash. We both heard the water splashing! Then I leaned my head out of the closet... to see Ben, splashing around.... with his hand... in the toilet! UGH! Well, at least it was MY toilet (because I know a) it's clean and b) it was flushed). Then he did the unthinkable... BAM The lid down.. RIGHT.ON.HIS.FINGERS! Luckily, they're still small enough that the bump on the lid caught and didn't cause any damage. Other than scarring me for life and requiring a severe and thorough wipe down. As if I didn't have enough to worry about with the dog sooner or later drinking out of the toilet... Benji is playing in them. Gross!


Yeah, that's what Mother Nature has done to us the last couple of days. We were all hanging out this weekend in our shorts enjoying (somewhat) the sunshine and wind and then BAM, in moves a front and it's been in the 40s and raining. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel... want to know what it is? I saw BLUEBONNETS peaking up on Wildflower Hill in our neighborhood! I can't wait! Hurry up Spring.... my moon-tan is leaving me to look like more like Morticia Addams than a sun kissed Coppertone mama!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The ABC's of Me

I saw this over at a blog I stalk Feels Like Home. She did an entry on the ABC's of Me and I thought, now that's gitchy! I need to do that. So, without further adieu, here are the ABC's of moi! Age: 38 Bed size: King Chore you hate: continually, constantly picking up every little landmine left behind Dogs: One diva Boston, Lola. One sweet mutt, Sadie. One (insert adjective here) puppy, Moose. Essential start to your day: Diet Big Red and smiles from Benji Favorite color: Depends on what it's for... typically black. It just goes with everything. Gold or silver: Silver. Height: 5' 2" Instruments that you can play: None. Job title: Domestic Engineer. Domestic Diva. Taxi driver. Therapist. Nurse. Chef. Chiropractor. Psychologist, Babysitter, Maid, Handy WOman, Teacher, Scientist, Wife, Mom, CEO of Driggers Incorporated... shall I continue? Kids: Josh, Drew, Benji Live: Suburbia-hell, Texas (a.k.a. Keller) Mom’s name: Becky (it's really Rebecca but don't tell her I told you) Nicknames: Ape, Mooooooooooooooooooooom, Mama, Honey Overnight hospital stays: Only with the birth of the kids. Pet peeve: Too many to list. :) People that think Obama is still Mr. Wonderful. When people use your for you're and other simple grammar over-sights that could easily be fixed to make oneself appear more educated. People that expect handouts from anyone rather than doing for themselves (if they are able to...) Quote from a movie: "I'm your Huckleberry." Righty or lefty: Righty Sibling: Well, I guess it depends on how big of an uproar I want to make. You see, I have a half-sister. We have different dads (although my dad adopted her when she was five) but if I SAY that she's my half-sister rather than just "my sister" she tends to get all pissy about it on Facebook and talk about how her family divorced her and all kinds of ridiculousness like that. It's just silly. I wouldn't be offended for her to say that I am her half-sister. ??? Tomato-toe-maaaaah-toe. I also have an ex-step-sister that I still consider family, but I haven't seen her brother (my ex-step-brother) in years. But, along the same lines, my other ex-step-brother (ex-step-dad's son), I don't really consider him "family" anymore. He's more just like an old friend. Weird, huh? Time you wake up: usually about 5:30 a.m. Underwear: Comfortable Vegetables you dislike: Beets, any kind of cooked greens (collard, turnip, spinach--unless it's creamed or in some kind of dip or pasta!) What makes you run late: Life X-rays: I've had my back x-rayed, foot, knee, head (and so yes, I'm one of the few women on the planet that DOES have proof she has a brain!) Yummy food you make: I make all kinds of deliciousness! :) Ask my hubby! Zoo favorite animal: I love the hippos, they're so cute! And the bears... the bears in Abilene were the coolest. And there ya have it! :) Now it's time to sing with me....

Friday, March 25, 2011

Three Hundred and Sixty Five Days

Three Hundred and Sixty Five Days or 525,600 minutes... it seems so insignficant to say "one year" because one seems like such a lonely, small, miniscule number. But to say 365 days... now that sounds more substantial. Whether great or small (though equal) it has flown by.

In 365 days, I have seen this little helpless infant learn to roll over, then to crawl and in the past two days... start taking his first steps toward "real" independence -- walking. He's sustained on my milk... only to wean himself... and now loves regular milk and is hopelessly addicted (as was Drew) to chocolate milk (Yes, I gave him chocolate milk -- it's a rite of passage in our house. Don't judge!)

I've seen him turn his nose to baby mush and Stage 2 and 3 because he wanted "real" food. He started with frozen peaches but now will eat just about anything. He doesn't have an affinity for pasta, however. He loves peaches, plums, pears, banana, blueberries are his favorite. He loves strawberries, honeydew melon, clementines, oranges, tangerines and grapes. HE will, of course, eat any kind of dry cereal and he loves graham crackers and Nilla Wafers. He also really loves plain vanilla yogurt with fruit mixed in.... or really anything else that I'm eating .. he wants a bite of.

He needs and wants his silky blankets to rest... it's comforting for him. I love his attachment to it.

He's grown from 0-3 month clothes, to 6-9 and is now in 12-18 month clothes. I shed a tear with every stage becuase I know that means this is the end of seeing those again. This is the last time I'll have a crawling little man in footie jammies holding onto my ankle wanting to be picked up to see what's going on up on the counter.

He loves the playroom and really enjoys his Melissa and Doug toys. There's somethign to be said for natural wooden products over hard plastic. It's an exciting stage that he is entering the hand-eye coordnation games and is amazingly coordinated already.

We are close to out-growing the swing though he loves it's soothing rhythm to sleep in.

This will be his second Easter this year but the first where he will get an egg... and get to sit in the grass... No candy, but I bet the Easter Bunny will fill those little guys with some goldfish and/or Cheerios!

He had hair at birth but now it's longer and curly.... and blondish-red. He has two bottom teeth and four coming in up on top. He loves his daddy and knows what it means when we say, "Daddy's home" at 6pm every day. He raises his head and tries to figure out what door to look for... front or back.

He delights in seeing his brothers when they come home from school.

We're in 12-18 month clothes, size 4 diapers and no shoes (he won't walk with those on).

He adores the outside and the feel of the grass.

He still sleeps beside me because that's where I want him... and I'm okay with that. Others don't understand that and that's okay. I'm not on this planet to abide by their idea of what is right... I'm doing what's right... FOR ME.

So, tomorrow we celebrate this amazing little person that we are so fortunate to have and that I am so hopelessly in love with. I can't imagine my life without him... and he has blessed me abundantly.

I know the next three hundred and sixty five days will bring about even more amazing changes in his world... so many firsts to experience... and I'm also thankful that I get to stay home with him (what a gift) so that I don't miss a thing!

We will be having a Dr. Seuss party for this little guy... lots of pictures will be posted tomorrow. I just wanted to take a moment while I could to record this snapshot of his life... because it is changing so fast... and I don't want to forget a thing!

So, to you, Benjamin Ryan Driggers... we dedicate this day... may your life be continually blessed beyond measure... I don't hope for you to have an easy life... I want you to know struggles but to ALSO know that you have the power within you to do anything you want! I have had the most amazing three hundred and sixty five days with you so far... and I can't wait to share the rest of your journey with you.


Thursday, March 24, 2011


You never realize what all is a plaything...

until you bring a puppy into your house.

I never knew that my pants were so much fun. I mean, just me, walking, while wearing capri pants. WOW! Exciting stuff, right? Apparently so. This little toot has ripped holes in not one but TWO pair of my "mom uniform." I'm not happy.

HE also tries to swim in the water bowl. I never realized how much water was in a dog water bowl .... until it was all over the floor and on some fuzzy little mutt with hair like a sponge leaving wet paw prints all over the floor.

Oh boy. What fun.

His favorite thing to play with right now? Socks. He will steal them and then run through the house like "ha ha look at me! I have your sock!"


Keep them, punk.

I can buy new ones.

And I'm not chasing you.

I don't care how cute you are.

Well, unless you decide to crap in the floor.

You'll learn what a real witch I can be at that point.

I tolerate you. You're Andy's dog. Personally, I like to spend my "free time" (whatever that is) which generally only occurs during Ben's nap time being proactive with my domestic duties. You know, laundry, picking up, cleaning, cooking, prepping... not training a dog.... chasing a dog... and following a dog... and trying to keep my pants on since you seem to think they're great chew toys!

A fun playdate

Today was a fun playdate with Ben's play group and we got to celebrate two birthdays: Ben's and Bridgette's.

It was fun. I ran and got some balloons and made some cookies. The kids had goldfish and grapes and Cheerios. They played and some are walking. Last playgroup it was all boys, this one was all girls (other than Ben) until the end we had one last source of testesterone show up.

I think it's good for moms to be able to connect with other moms in the same "season" of life so that you feel human.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Diary of a Wimpy Mom

I should call my blog that, huh?

I never wanted to be wimpy. Reminds me of the Hefty trash bag commercials. "Hefty. Hefty. Hefty. Wimpy. Wimpy. Wimpy." If you're a child of the 80's you know those!

I always aspired to be Sarah Conner. Sarah Conner? Yeah, remember... on Terminator. Seh-duh Conn-uh? Say it in your best AAAAhhhhnold voice. Remember when she was training and doing chin-ups and one-armed push-ups. I wanted to be a bad ass like that! Still do. I'm sure it'll come in time. It just takes training, right? That's what I'm going to tell myself anyway!

But tonight, this post isn't about me. It's about Drew. The child... is amazing. He loves to read. He loves that he loves to read. He's in Kindergarten reading on a 5th grade reading level! How awesome is that?

He picked up several books last night but started reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2. I've told him how important it was to read the books before you see the movies... so he wants to see the new movie coming out. Cool, huh?

Go Drew!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

We stick together like glue....

It was an odd morning. I'm still recovering from this cough, sinus, yuck that Ben shared with me. But what made the morning odd? Ben slept in! Yes, he slept until like 8 o'clock! I was up at 5:30 so I surfed the net waiting for him to wake. It was absolutely unbelievable.

I'm so blessed to be able to snuggle with him... and have him roll over and smile at me... I am so enjoying and savoring every.single.minute! I am completely in love with the kid. Head over heels... this momma's whooped!

I got up and got him his bottle and some Cheerios. Nothing fancy. I got some oatmeal and cinnamon toast going for everyone else. Drew was up writing a book... yes, you read that right. Drew is writing a book. Know what it's called?

Diarrhea Kid.

Seriously, I $hit you not (ha ha!)... the child is writing a book -- with illustrations -- about a kid that is pooping on a tree. I think this one... this one is going to be shown at his college graduation reception... What IS it with boys and poop?

Josh was up shortly after breakfast was ready. He's in somewhat of a funk. Not too sure what it's about... he leaves today for Iowa. We almost see eye to eye now. His foot is bigger than mine... where did my little Joshie-lou go? He's turning into ... a young man. Yuck!

He sat down at the table and does what he always does, thanks me. Yes, the child thanks me for every.single.thing I put in front of him. Isn't that sweet?

He also packed for his trip today all by himself. First time ever. I'm trying to give him his wings... it's hard. It sucks.

Mom came by to take him to the airport for me since I'm still under the weather and... it's a nice chance for them to spend some time together.

I started doing my once a month cooking planning... I need to get the freezer FULL for baseball season! It's my only saving grace, man! My only saving grace some nights!

Drew was outside most of the day playing with the neighborhood kids. For a spell they were here conquering dragons in the backyard with their (sugar-free) Blue Bell bullets. It was truly a beautiful day.

I should have taken photos... but I just wasn't feeling it today...and I'm totally okay with that.

Andy finally got around to putting together the tool chest we got him for Christmas. And... he sliced his finger open in the process. Yeah, he's good at man-handling things. He came walking in quite fast talking about cuttin his finger and let water run on it then was like, "AAAAAH IT STINGS." I got him a clean cloth and was all, "... quit looking at it! DIRECT PRESSURE!" He finally chilled out a tad and I was like... I want to see it. So he showed me and I pulled it to see if he needed stitches and oh yeah, it's to the bone. He needs them.

"You need stitches."

"Naaah, I just need a butterfly bandaid."

"No, you NEED stitches."

"Naaah, I'll be fine."

"You need STITCHES. I'm calling my aunt." (She's an RN.) No answer.

I called my neighbor (who is also an RN). She brought me over some Dermabond (medical grade superglue). And what did I do? I glued my man back together, yes I did.

SO now, we're stuck like glue!

But for the record, he DID need stitches.

On other news... I'm still doing the Jenny Craig thing. I've lost almost 10 pounds so far. I find it odd that the "at home" consultants try to tell you that the "at home" program is the best becuase the centers take SO long and are SO inconvenient. Then the centers tell you that you don't want to do the AT HOME JC program because you're just "stuck" with whatever food they give you (not true). Why can't they all just be on the same team? Or, when I told my consultant that I swapped out a breakfast the other day for a Weight Watchers Smart Ones (I like their quesadillas) which is about darned near equal to a JC breakfast and 1/3 the cost. "You did WHAT? Oh, if you really want the program to work for you, you NEED to eat the Jenny Craig foods." Yeah, I get that they make a killing on their RIDICULOUSLY over-priced foods but, you know, I wonder how many more lives they'd touch if they just lowered the prices some. You know. I do like the convenience of not having to "think about it" and honestly I don't care... I'm GOING to eat what I want... if I WANT a Weight Watchers breakfast... STICK IT cause I'm GOING to eat one! I can pay $2.99 for TWO of those or I can pay $4.99 for ONE JC breakfast meal. Yeah, do the math. So stupid. Don't send me on a guilt trip for being smart! Ya know? I remember starting to feel this way the last time I was on it, too. You get to "that point" and just want a change.

Tonight, I had fish and chips and a big ole plate of stir-fried veggies (yum!)

Ben is about to wake up...he's swinging right now... reached that whiney point so I know he was done. He's having a 20 minute snoozer for me to eat (I'm doing that now... well, not RIGHT This second but .. I am multi-tasking! ha)

I hope tonight, when I lay my head on the pillow, that I can breathe again. Out of both nostrils. At the same time.

Andy says that breathing is over-rated.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Soggy bottoms

By all accounts, you'd probably think this is about Ben and his diaper, but alas, it is not.

I drive a "swaggar wagon." A top-o-the-line swaggar wagon, mind you! This rollin' comfort zone has probably 23 cup holders in the entire car. Don't laugh, I'm serious!

Yesterday, I stop and get the boys a snack on the way to Josh's baseball practice. I get Drew some pink lemonade because I'm a good mom and since I"m sick, he can't drnk out of my drink. We finish practice and head to the Open House at school.

No biggie, right? Yeah, whatever!

We get to the school and go to through the motions. The boys are in a book fair and Ben is DONE. I head out and the boys will thus ride home with daddy.

Has Drew left his drink in one of said 23 cup holders?


THe little turkey left it sitting right dead center of his carseat. UGH! Now I have this very nice Britax carseat that is completely saturated with sticky pink lemonade.

Lovely, just lovely.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

So what the heck are you supposed to do when it gives you LEMONADE? Yeah... when you figure that one out, you let me know!

Eye Ya Ya

To many, that may seem like pure and utter gibberish, but to the trained ear, it's a kiddo's way of saying, "I love you."

Say it again to yourself.... go ahead.... see? It does!

I remember that's how Drew would say he loved you. It was so precious

Then, this morning when I picked Ben up off the floor, he grabbed me and hugged me tight and said, "Eye ya ya ma ma." Now, I'm not stupid enough to think that HE was saying that he loved me, but it made me think fondly of how Drew would say that.

I love being a mom.

Even sick, snot-nosed, coughing and feverish (and that's just me).... love these kids 'o mine.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Intervention of the Wal-Martians

YOu've seen them. I've seen them. We've all seen those crazy e-mail depicting the "Wal-Martians." E-mails full of people that are just... so bizarrely apathetic to their appearance that it boggles the mind. The latest one, however, left even MY small brain wondering what in the HELL is going on!?!

So, I've decided to share some of this .... deliciousness [bwa ha ha haa] with you.

Walmartian #1
The caption reads: Hershey’s has a new butterscotch chip! Now, somebody go get us a few barrels of cookie dough.

And, mind you, I am the first person to defend people of size. I'm the first person to defend most anyone because I like to think that we all have a purpose on the planet. We all have a goodness in our hearts. We all have a gift for mankind....

I don't understand, however, how you can just -- seriously -- let yourself go to the point of this. I don't buy the "blame it on McDonald's." I don't buy the whole "it's not my fault" thing.... because, ultimately, it IS your fault. For someone to gain THIS MUCH WEIGHT that they can't put their legs together... it's just gross.

So, while I feel guilt in sharing their tag line because you're, in essence, making fun of another human who obviously feels pain, too, it's so hard to not THINK SOMETHING about it. Why? Because we're human and that's what we do. Everyone thinks, judges and if they say they don't -- they're telling you a lie!

Now, if this person were sitting like this because they just walked their first 300 yards in three years and they're just exhausted but DOING SOMETHING about it... then I would tell everyone to SHUT UP.... they're doing more than MOST people in their position.

SO... as it stands... yikes. That's all I can say... Yikes!

Walmartian #2
Tag line reads: Halloween shopping tip: You don’t need to wear last year’s costume to shop for this year’s.

I just have to agree.

Walmartian #3
Tag line reads: I hope you just injured that foot from kicking your own ass for wearing that out in public.

She's definitely NOT bringing sexy back! Yowza.

Walmartian #4
Tagline reads: I was going to count how many sizes too small that is, but I’ve only got like 20 years of education, so counting that high seems out of my grasp. If there is anyone out there with a doctorate in Quantum Physics that would like to give it a try, we would welcome the answer

What is the trend with letting your butt cheeks hang out of your shorts? Seriously, I'm not understanding this. Do these people not feel a draft? The term "muffin top" mean anything to ya? If you can spend money for a bottle of peroxide for that hair, you can afford to save up and buy some friggin' pants... or maybe,I don't know... a bra?

Walmartian #5
Tag line isn't even funny enough to share. But I will add one -- one sign of Alzheimer's is going out in public after forgetting to put your pants on. For real. Upcoming children's book based on this backside? The Saggy Baggy Bottom.

Walmartian #6
Tag line reads: What has to happen in your life for you to just say “f*** it” and then leave your house with your toddler’s 3T on?

I just think.... if you were to swap out the boobs and estrogen, I could totally see some guy dressed like this? You'd think women would know better? Black shoes with hot pink laces? For real? How old ARE YOU? So gross!

Walmatian #7
Tag line reads: Oh dear God! Please someone go explain to her what “cougar hunting” is. I think she is taking it way too literally.

This is like... Dolly Parton, isn't it? I am sure she's over 60 with a touch of dementia (or at least I hope so) because no one in their right mind would really wear this? And that wig? Yowza! It's like a mullet!

Walmartian #8
Again with the butt cheeks!

Walmartian #10
Tag line reads: It's a good thing she took those flip-flops off - wouldn't want to add any unnecessary weight to that scale.

I seriously see this and I'm like... if you'd just get OFF that little Wall-E inspired lazy-mobile and WALK, you'd do yourself more good.... do something for yourself... get off your backside!

Walmartian #11
Tag line: Why wouldn’t you wanna show off that grade-A caboose after all that toning you’ve put in with those ankle weights?

My thoughts are that if it's cold enough to warrant a jacket, your butt should probably have something covering it up too! AGAIN with the butt cheeks? WHY SHOW OFF THE BUTT CHEEKS??? I DON'T GET IT! KILL ME NOW!?!

Walmartian #12
Tag line: I didn’t know I could buy a table dance at Walmart too! They really do have everything now.

My thoughts.... those heels aren't NEARLY high enough for her to be a stripper...or the fact that you can see panty lines. Strippers don't wear granny panties.

Walmartian #13
Tag line: It’s “bring sexy back” not “bring sexy across your whole back-side”. Thanks for ruining such a great word by the way.

My thoughts? Can you not feel that your ass is eating your pants? I mean it... your butt is literally eating your pants, you HAVE to feel that! Anything with writing across the butt over a size 2 shouldn't be allowed. (I don't even like it then, but at least it's not ... as seemingly WRONG).

Walmartian #14
Tag line: Oh good, I was getting sick of seeing a$$-cracks. I’m glad you decided to instead show us all your gutt-crack. It’s a pleasant change of scenery.

My thoughts. One word -- EWWWWW! Seriously, though, can you not feel a draft on your exposed skin? Why do people think that just because they can squeeze into something - it fits? That's so not the case?!

Walmartian #15
Tag line: Really? Do you think when you dress? Did you toss on your shorts because, well hey they rock, then just go ahead and grab the shirt your kid just jammed into the paper shredder?

My thoughts, again, you know, maybe back in her younger years she was a Frederick's of Hollywood hottie. Now, notsomuch. I envision she must think she looks like this...
Photobucket(image courtesy of Fredericks of Hollywood) but now the shirt has been so morbidly stretched out it's just one big shred... it's just ..... it's just what she's done with her dignity. You leave the house like that... it's shredded. Period.

Walmartian #16
Tag line reads: After doing some extensive research (and by that I mean sh*t I just made up) we have concluded that at some point that shirt was once whole, and at another point in time it became stretched-torn and hanging on by the seams as you see it now. But for some reason our research cannot conclude when that point in time exactly was. However, the Issac Newton in me is guessing it occurred right when she put it on.

This is just a triple whammy. a) she THINKS she can fit into those size 8 because she was able to button them... it never occurred to her that the fact that her butt crack is hanging out may just well mean that they DO NOT FIT. Hip huggers are NOT for everyone. They're actually not for many people because they're just not very flattering b) being able to SEE the bra and the bra strap -- tacky c) ever heard of Spanx? ... yikes man... yikes

Walmartian #17
Tag line: had something to do with a reference like "The Rock's" eyebrows... This is an obvious cross-dresser who is new to the game. No woman in her right mind would point her upper lips and draw that perpetual state of "HUH" on their face.... right? Yikes!

Walmartian #18
Tag line: It included not nice things so I didn't include it... but a) why didn't she finish pulling the white shirt on? If you can't reach stuff to pull it down... perhaps a) lose weight or b) find a bigger shirt? and c) if you have so many rolls in your tight shirt that your backside resembles somewhat of a face... throw a salad in there...

The amount of people that I see that are graviportal is just mind-numbing!

Walmartian #19
My thoughts? If you can afford a freakin' tattoo -- you can afford a damn bra! If your boobs can be tucked into your PANTS.... WEAR A BRA! If the shirt you choose exposes more skin than you would IF you wore a bra... a) don't wear it and b) wear a bra!

In closing, I'd like to say that I'm a genuinely nice person. I look for the good in everyone -- even the people like this... but sometimes you just have to say, "Well, bless your heart," and offer up some big prayers for these folks... they need an intervention!

Menu Plan Monday

It's starting up with baseball season. We have two kiddos in it this year which means we'll have very busy weeks! So, what's a mom to do? Plan ahead, of course! Planning ahead is key to making sure my boys get a good breakfast and dinner.

So here's what's on our menu this week:

  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs, Jimmy Dean maple sausage, flaky layer biscuits and milk
  • Dinner: sloppy joe's, oven fries, garden salad. This is a good choice for today so that I can keep it warm in the crock pot until Andy gets home.

  • Breakfast: Baked Apple Pie Oatmeal, Doesn't the name of that just seems like a big ole bowl of sinful goodness?
  • Dinner: Taco Tuesday! I will use some of the ground beef that was prepared yesterday to make the fixins for soft tacos. A great meal that is hearty and quick for on-the-go families. This is a great choice for tonight because we have Open House at the boys' school.


  • Breakfast: Breakfast burritos (eggs, cheese, tater tots with picanute), fresh oranges
  • Dinner: Stuffed Shells Florentine, garden salad, garlic bread. This is one of my favorite stand-by meals that can be prepared in a snap ahead of time and freezes great if you were to double it. Recipe follows below. With an early baseball practice time, having something that heats up well (like this) is a great thing to have for the rest of the gang.


  • Breakfast: French toast made with homemade oatmeal bread served with fresh berries.
  • Dinner: Apple-cranberry pork loin in the crock pot, steamed broccoli with cheese sauce and yeast rolls.


  • Breakfast: Cereal. I feel like I'm copping out by serving this at all on a week-day. However, Fridays mean I have to take Josh to band and leave at 7am. There's generally just no time to get up to fix something hot. I'll be researching crock pot breakfast recipes this month to see what I can come up with to make Fridays be an equally delicious breakfast for my crew.
  • Dinner: Leftovers. Yeah, we gotta eat 'em! That's the day.


  • Breakfast: Aztec quiche (our favorite) served with fresh seedless red and green grapes
  • Lunch: Sandwiches. This is --by far--the easiest option because I typically let everyone sleep in and since they're all getting up and moving at different times, this allows them to eat when they're hungry and frees me from the kitchen to get other things done.
  • Dinner: Quesadillas, queso, guacamole and chips. This is another quick but hearty meal that can be served meatless, too.
  • Josh leaves this day for his Spring Break trip to visit bio-dad.
  • Today is reserved for prepping for my week of freezer cooking while the boys are on spring break.


  • Breakfast: Pancakes, bacon and berries
  • Lunch: Leftovers (yep, twice in a week. We've gotta clean out the fridge for next week!)
  • Dinner: Mama is taking the day off

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Do you keep track?

Andy told me that Drew said to him that he was going to keep a calendar of his good days and his bad days.


Because yesterday was a good day. I guess he didn't want to forget.

What was so special about yesterday? Well, for one, he got to go see his cousin, Mande, play basketball. He thinks the world of her, dontcha know. Plus, he got the "golden arches" for dinner as a special treat. And lastly, he got to sleep....



Oh yes, what a treat when you get to crash on the couch in our house. It's a highly coveted resting area. Funny, I remember as a kid, we had a sectional sofa with a HUGE square ottoman and we'd push the ottoman in and make big pallets on there and think that was pretty special, too. So, I get it! I do.

He said that today is going to be a great day as well. Why? Because it's Saturday and he's going to get Domino's Pizza for dinner (he loves their cinnamon bread sticks), and sleep on the couch AND (as if all that weren't enough) he's getting donuts for breakfast in the morning.

Yes, an entire weekend of eating like crap and he's still a skinny as a rail. Oh, to be 6 years old again. I remember being a 6 slim in those days... I do... I do. {{sigh}}

So, as it stands, Drew will have, not one, not two, but three days in a row on his calendar of "good days." It made me realize, you know, there are many opportunities every day to make the time we spend with and in service to our families special.

If we all strive to make someone else's day better, every day, we are gifted in return... and at that point, I think most everyone would lose the ability to keep track because the good days would so far outweigh the bad, they wouldn't even be worth counting because every day would be a good day.

Just ponderings...

Friday, March 4, 2011

A story by Drew

I found this story on my computer desk yesterday. Drew is quite the budding author.

Luke!!! Yes Dad. You need to go to bed
Oh boy said Luke Then Luke ran away
One year latter Luke was 14 years old
He walked a mile away he was tired
He sees a rock and he had a blanket
So he Fell a sleep one day he got
Up and walking 1$ so he bid some
Thing to eat and I walked two mile
to get some Thing to eat

Luke, as if you didn't know, is Luke Skywalker... Star Wars. Yes, my child is obsessed. And the whole "bid" is actually "buy" in past tense. As in he BUY-ED instead of "bought" :) I love how at young ages everything is simple in the English language. If you want past tense, you just add an "ed" to the end of it and you're done. It's only when you have an anal-retentive English major for a mother to start correcting you on the many pitfalls of our overly-complicated vernacular.