Friday, March 4, 2011

A story by Drew

I found this story on my computer desk yesterday. Drew is quite the budding author.

Luke!!! Yes Dad. You need to go to bed
Oh boy said Luke Then Luke ran away
One year latter Luke was 14 years old
He walked a mile away he was tired
He sees a rock and he had a blanket
So he Fell a sleep one day he got
Up and walking 1$ so he bid some
Thing to eat and I walked two mile
to get some Thing to eat

Luke, as if you didn't know, is Luke Skywalker... Star Wars. Yes, my child is obsessed. And the whole "bid" is actually "buy" in past tense. As in he BUY-ED instead of "bought" :) I love how at young ages everything is simple in the English language. If you want past tense, you just add an "ed" to the end of it and you're done. It's only when you have an anal-retentive English major for a mother to start correcting you on the many pitfalls of our overly-complicated vernacular.

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