Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Ghost in the Water Closet

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm fascinated with ghosts, or more specifically, the idea of ghosts. I have been known to watch Paranormal State, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Lab and the like. I've seen Paranormal Activity. And, for the record, no, I won't see the 2nd... I read the spoiler and it's too much for me with having a little one at home. I say no way, Jose. Thankyouverymuch! But I am also known to come up with a reasonable explanation for just about everything. Hearing the toilet flush upstairs in the middle of the day when no one (but me) is home... leaky toilet. Still can make you get the shivers though! Well, tonight, we had another of those types of experiences. Andy was in the closet changing. I was in the closet changing. Ben was (or had just been) in the closet cleaning out one of the drawers of all the nicely folded boxer shorts (you know they look so much more inviting in a frumpled pile on the floor!). Then we heard it. Splish. Splash. We both heard the water splashing! Then I leaned my head out of the closet... to see Ben, splashing around.... with his hand... in the toilet! UGH! Well, at least it was MY toilet (because I know a) it's clean and b) it was flushed). Then he did the unthinkable... BAM The lid down.. RIGHT.ON.HIS.FINGERS! Luckily, they're still small enough that the bump on the lid caught and didn't cause any damage. Other than scarring me for life and requiring a severe and thorough wipe down. As if I didn't have enough to worry about with the dog sooner or later drinking out of the toilet... Benji is playing in them. Gross!


ModernMom said...

Oh baby....I believe in ghosts. I really do!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

My neighbors use to watch all those shows, you know I love that stuff but have never watched them! I will have to check out the DVR :)

OMGoodness I'm sorry but I'm laughing so hard because this so has happened here! UGh