Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Stealing

Today we ripped off a blogger named @markedforpower from the blog The Story Addict. she states she got it from Khaula. But, it was probably stolen there as well. So, of course, that will be as far as we go. Tracing back our theft's thieves might take some time. Take the time to comment on other player's posts. It's a great way to make new friends! Link back to us at Sunday Stealing!

Sunday Stealing: The "What's Your Story" Meme

1. What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten in public?  I don't eat strange things.

2. If you had to go on an adventure, with elves, dwarves, or hobbits, who would you take and why?  I would go with elves... 

3. You are at a rural retreat lodge somewhere deep in Wisconsin or Canada. You are approached by a taxidermist who hands you a stuffed badger and asks you to put it in your lap. What do you do next?  I probably laugh, put it in my lap and ask why I have a stuffed badger in my lap.... then ask him to take a picture so I can post it on Facebook so everyone ELSE can laugh and ask me why I have a stuffed badger on my lap.

4. If you were given biscotti, would you prefer it with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?  Hot tea or hot chocolate.

5. In your opinion, who is the funniest man or woman alive today.  Humor is situational and much like beauty, found in the eye of the beholder.  Who cares who I think is funny?  I don't even care.  

6. If you were given thirty seconds on television to say something, what would it be?  It would promote my business idea... with an awesome commercial!  No, I won't reveal anything about what it is... yet.

7. What is your idea of the most romantic date setting ever?  Wow, there are so many suitable scenarios.... lakeside, dinner by lantern, crikets chirping, campfire crackling....  mountainside, dinner by campfire, stars out, silence... I think the setting is less important than as to with whom you're sharing your evening... therein lies the true romance.

8. If you could go on one date with a movie or television star, who would it be and why?  OOOOH this is cruel and unusual punishment.  You want me to pick... ONE?  Do you SEE me flipping you the bird?  They're all married so I won't even consider it.  Thanks for crushing my fantasies...
He's still so yummy to look at... you're welcome.

9. What is the worst song you have ever heard?  There are TOO MANY TO LIST!  

10. If you could live anywhere else, where would it be? Estes Park, Colorado.

11. Who- in your opinion- was the greatest person to ever live?  Me.  Duh.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday 9

Welcome lovelies to another edition of Saturday 9... Today's 9 questions focus is on the sweet, young, and very blonde Taylor Swift.  She's an actress, singer, songwriter, performer... and loser when it comes to love. But it makes for some great music, no?  (Sorry about ya luck there sweets!)

1) Like the girl in this song, have you ever been in love with someone, but was afraid to tell them?  I'm not sure I would qualify it as "love" if I didn't have any sort of relationship with them whatsoever.  At that point, I'd have to say it were more "lust" or simple attraction.  

I liken this to people being attracted to an actor's ROLE in a film.  That doesn't, however, mean that's how the person is in real life.  Until you get to know them, you're simply attracted to an idea of how you think they are -- now how they TRULY are.  

As a youth, I knew plenty of guys that (on the surface) I was EXTREMELY attracted to (yet never said anything) but once I got to know them and discovered what a jerk they really were -- I lost interest immediately.  

I've heard/read things about Russell Crowe, Johnny Depp, and Viggo... while I'm ATTRACTED to their characters in various movies... I'm not sure I could handle them as themselves.  I mean ANY woman that says she doesn't want to be a pirate after seeing JD here is a BIG FAT LIAR!  Mrow!  Pass the rum!

2) Taylor Swift has been known to write songs about her real-life lovers. If you were to write a song about the most recent person you were romantically involved with, what would the title be?  You know, truthfully, I have NO idea... plenty of great songs do come to mind but nothing that "fits."  I don't like the limitations of a song for an entire "heart" experience.  I'll pass on this one.  (Yes, I realize that's a chicken shit way out, but it's my blog so suck it!)

3) Ms. Swift recently turned 23 and has already won VMAs and AMAs and Grammys. What were you doing when you were 23? (If you aren't 23 yet, where do you see yourself when you hit it?)  I was married and living in Abilene, TX on Dyess Air Force Base.  
Installation Overview -- Dyess Air Force Base, Texas

4) When you were a child, did you sleep with a plush toy? (If yes, please include its name in your answer.)  Yes, many.  I love snuggle buddies.  I had a bear my great Uncle Leon gave to me for Christmas one year.  It's a big brown teddy bear and I named him Charlie Brown.  

5) I'm making a Starbucks run. What can I get you?  Hot Earl Grey tea with honey.  

6) It was 60 years ago that Clarence Birdseye first marketed frozen vegetables. Now it's your turn: Share something you learned recently.  Moving your shoulders when you've "set" is considered a balk in baseball and all players move forward a base.  

7) In junior high, were you class clown, teacher's pet, a geek, a jock ... or did you just melt into the background?  Yes... Randy Meeks was our class clown... though I was known to cut up quite a bit.  I was teacher's pet in several classes because I was just sweet.  I was a geek... because I was smart and made A's.  I was a cheerleader... and I melted into the background at times, too.  I chose to be friends with everyone rather than run with one clique.  Cliques are stupid and you lose out on so many unique and wonderful people by limiting yourself to those who are just like you.  I just liked being me.

8) Was your most recent ticket for parking illegally or was it a moving violation?  Speeding.  Cop was a COMPLETE and total jack-ass.  I was on the way to put my damn dog down... she was IN THE CAR.  I was sobbing and yeah, I guess I didn't notice the speedometer.  He...was an ASSHOLE!  I'd love someone to show him NO compassion on one of his worst days.

9) Tell us about the last museum you visited.  I went to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History with the boys.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Question Friday

1. Where do you hide things from your kids at?  First and foremost, I must comment that I hate when sentences end with a preposition.  Do not end sentences with a preposition.  Don't!  

Whew.... okay...shake it off...

I do not hide things from my children.  If they have a surprise coming, it's easily accessible in a box in my room (prior to being wrapped, of course).  I can easily gauge from their response whether or not they have peeked.  The burden is upon them to not be a snoop.  It's fairly simple.  So, I hide things in plain sight.

2. What is your favorite rainy day activity for bored toddlers?  Benadryl.  

I'm KIDDING!  Sheesh, don't call CPS on me (yet).

Depending upon the weather, we may go play in the rain.  

Otherwise, coloring, painting, movies, baking, Play-Doh and science experiments top the list of rainy day activities.

3. Are you a punctual person or are you always running a few minutes (or more!) late??
I **try** to be punctual but there is just no hurrying a 13 year old... an 8 year old... or a 3 year old.  It simply can't be done.  It also seems that no matter if I give us one hour or 30 minutes extra time, we're always pushing it.  It drives me BAT SHIT CRAZY to be late!  

4. When eating out, do you prefer off the beaten path "Mom and Pop" cafes or tried and true national food chains?  I prefer hole-in-the-wall establishments because they are generally authentic and delicious.  Unfortunately, too, they're typically calorie laden foods bubbling in fat so the best bet for me is to not eat out whatsoever.  

5. Does your significant other snore? Do YOU snore?  Oh... GOD.... BLEH... this is an every day nightmare.  I want my own room.  Seriously.

I *do* snore, however, but ONLY if I'm on my back.  Even then, however, it's not the sawing petrified forests like I sleep on the couch to avoid.  This is one of my favorites... LOL

Friday Fill-Ins

WOO HOO!!!  It's Friday!  Time for Friday Fill-Ins! we go! 

1. Right now I'm listening to a great video talking about the information concerning explaining the lunacy of gun control regulation.    

2. Interrupting because I have the attention span of a gnat 
is my well known rude, annoying quirk.  Sorry ... EVERYONE!  

3. Are you always this sarcastic??  Yeah, me too.  

4. Life Rule #4:  Think first, then speak!  

5. That's why Facebook is full of drama... because people do NOT comply with Life Rule #4 above.

6. Seinfeld is one of my favorite tv shows ever!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to I'm not looking forward to anything tonight -- it's the school carnival this afternoon so I'm obligated to entertain the kids there and afterwards D-man has baseball practice , tomorrow my plans include two baseball games for Josh, a photo shoot for Benji and I'm supposed to scrap but I don't think that's going to happen because of Josh's baseball games.  My plans are all pretty much getting trumped by sports and Sunday, I want to sleep!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday 13

pickled beet eggT13

Tonight is an epic concert -- Bon Jovi.  

I love Bon Jovi.  

I've loved him from the moment he hit the scene... 

and my adoration for him and his music hasn't wavered.  He is MY kind of "classic rock" because he has endured the test of time... and hasn't deviated from his primary goal:  To rock your ass off.  

His shows are full of energy.  The live music is AMAZING.  And, you know, he's not too bad on the ole peepers either.  Swoon.

So, in honor of this evening's concert, I give you thirteen things I love and hate about going to rock concerts.

1) I love people united for a purpose.  You see people from all walks of life (and I mean ALL) coming together for one common purpose -->to rock!  How cool is THAT?!  I love this picture (below) that I took at the Motley Crue / KISS concert.

2) Unfortunately, part of that, too, is that you get to see old women wearing things they shouldn't ... and even when they COULD have pulled off "that look" they probably still SHOULDN'T have... tacky clothes central.  You see things that just make you want to bleach your eyes!

3) Drunks in heels.  Does this NEED an explanation?  HATE IT!!

4) Mullets.  Everywhere.  Still.  HATE IT!

5) Fights.  There are ultimately always fights.  It's like hockey... it's inevitable.  And 100% of the time it's caused by some drunk blow hard who has his tequila britches on.  They need to share a peace pipe, hold hands and just get along.  Seriously.  

6) Costuming.  Please understand that this isn't to be confused with getting "dressed up" but those that actually go OUT of their way to be a spectacle.  LOVE IT.  Why?  Freaks are entertaining!

7) Lines to pee.  Let's face it.  Brewskies bring us together... and so does the 'loo.  Unfortunately, with all the ridiculous get ups, painted on skinny jeans and drunk chicks in heels, there will ultimately be a line for the throne.  Once you're in the 'loo, you'll likely still have to wait because drunk chicks in heels trying to pull up underwear while texting in the stalls take FOREVER!   HATE IT!

8) Overpriced beer.  Isn't it great to pay $6 for ONE beer when you could pay that much and have a six-pack at home.  I'm neutral but most everyone else HATES it.  And it's all draft -- bleh!

9) Overpriced t-shirts.  It's FANTASTIC to pay $40 for a t-shirt probably made in China for $0.50  ALL HAIL KID ROCK who won't let them sell t-shirts over-priced t-shirts and merchandise at his concerts!!!  HATE IT (LOVE Kid Rock).  I always hate people wearing the t-shirts from the band's earlier concert tours.  No one cares.  It doesn't make you cool.  It makes you a dork.  If you're going to a Van Halen concert... wear a black shirt and call it a day.  You're welcome.

10) Pukers.  There going to be there.  People who paid good money for a show... drank too much before it and are either spending the entire show meeting "Ralph" in the water closet or they're just passed out on the lawn... like... the worthless concert date that they are.

11) People with their damn iPhones taking pictures the ENTIRE.FREAKIN.SHOW!  Seriously, snap a shot and STFU!  Equally annoying are the ones on their FACEBOOK the ENTIRE.FREAKIN.SHOW!  I promise you will NOT lose out on anything so stellar you can't pocket your world for 90 minutes!

12) People who get ticked off at you for standing up.  I stand up.  If you don't want to stand up... buy the DVD when it comes out.  I'm a dancer, a mover, a shaker.  I want to feel the music.  I simply cannot sit at a concert.  Who sits at a concert?  You have to be a major dork to just SIT AT A CONCERT!!!!  If you want to just listen to the music, buy the damn CD and listen to it while you're SITTING in traffic.  Save the seats for someone who wants to get up and bump hips with me!

13) Musicians using their captive audience to promote political propaganda.  I think that's utter bullshit and they should be boo'd!  Period.  I didn't come to have your dogma shoved down my throat... just because you have a musical gift doesn't mean you get the big picture. You keep your opinions to yourself, I'll do the same.  Play some tunes and STFU! :)

Carry on my friends!