Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday 13

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Tonight is an epic concert -- Bon Jovi.  

I love Bon Jovi.  

I've loved him from the moment he hit the scene... 

and my adoration for him and his music hasn't wavered.  He is MY kind of "classic rock" because he has endured the test of time... and hasn't deviated from his primary goal:  To rock your ass off.  

His shows are full of energy.  The live music is AMAZING.  And, you know, he's not too bad on the ole peepers either.  Swoon.

So, in honor of this evening's concert, I give you thirteen things I love and hate about going to rock concerts.

1) I love people united for a purpose.  You see people from all walks of life (and I mean ALL) coming together for one common purpose -->to rock!  How cool is THAT?!  I love this picture (below) that I took at the Motley Crue / KISS concert.

2) Unfortunately, part of that, too, is that you get to see old women wearing things they shouldn't ... and even when they COULD have pulled off "that look" they probably still SHOULDN'T have... tacky clothes central.  You see things that just make you want to bleach your eyes!

3) Drunks in heels.  Does this NEED an explanation?  HATE IT!!

4) Mullets.  Everywhere.  Still.  HATE IT!

5) Fights.  There are ultimately always fights.  It's like hockey... it's inevitable.  And 100% of the time it's caused by some drunk blow hard who has his tequila britches on.  They need to share a peace pipe, hold hands and just get along.  Seriously.  

6) Costuming.  Please understand that this isn't to be confused with getting "dressed up" but those that actually go OUT of their way to be a spectacle.  LOVE IT.  Why?  Freaks are entertaining!

7) Lines to pee.  Let's face it.  Brewskies bring us together... and so does the 'loo.  Unfortunately, with all the ridiculous get ups, painted on skinny jeans and drunk chicks in heels, there will ultimately be a line for the throne.  Once you're in the 'loo, you'll likely still have to wait because drunk chicks in heels trying to pull up underwear while texting in the stalls take FOREVER!   HATE IT!

8) Overpriced beer.  Isn't it great to pay $6 for ONE beer when you could pay that much and have a six-pack at home.  I'm neutral but most everyone else HATES it.  And it's all draft -- bleh!

9) Overpriced t-shirts.  It's FANTASTIC to pay $40 for a t-shirt probably made in China for $0.50  ALL HAIL KID ROCK who won't let them sell t-shirts over-priced t-shirts and merchandise at his concerts!!!  HATE IT (LOVE Kid Rock).  I always hate people wearing the t-shirts from the band's earlier concert tours.  No one cares.  It doesn't make you cool.  It makes you a dork.  If you're going to a Van Halen concert... wear a black shirt and call it a day.  You're welcome.

10) Pukers.  There going to be there.  People who paid good money for a show... drank too much before it and are either spending the entire show meeting "Ralph" in the water closet or they're just passed out on the lawn... like... the worthless concert date that they are.

11) People with their damn iPhones taking pictures the ENTIRE.FREAKIN.SHOW!  Seriously, snap a shot and STFU!  Equally annoying are the ones on their FACEBOOK the ENTIRE.FREAKIN.SHOW!  I promise you will NOT lose out on anything so stellar you can't pocket your world for 90 minutes!

12) People who get ticked off at you for standing up.  I stand up.  If you don't want to stand up... buy the DVD when it comes out.  I'm a dancer, a mover, a shaker.  I want to feel the music.  I simply cannot sit at a concert.  Who sits at a concert?  You have to be a major dork to just SIT AT A CONCERT!!!!  If you want to just listen to the music, buy the damn CD and listen to it while you're SITTING in traffic.  Save the seats for someone who wants to get up and bump hips with me!

13) Musicians using their captive audience to promote political propaganda.  I think that's utter bullshit and they should be boo'd!  Period.  I didn't come to have your dogma shoved down my throat... just because you have a musical gift doesn't mean you get the big picture. You keep your opinions to yourself, I'll do the same.  Play some tunes and STFU! :)

Carry on my friends!  


Alice Audrey said...

I never could understand the mullet thing. Blek.

Mia Celeste said...

I hope the concert has more BonJovi and less of the problems you've mentioned.

Paula said...

Love BonJovi. I have never been to a rock concert. Come on over and visit my blog. I have left you an award. You inspire me!

Lily Strange said...

I like Bon Jovi as well. I do hope your comment on that one woman was regarding her butt crack and not the fact that she was large. We humans do come in all sizes, after all, and one size is not better than any other. Butt crack is generally not a welcome sight, though.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh yes the peak a boo g string so is not needed and then to see it on someone that is beyond the age oh yes ... yuck!

Oh BonJovi how I loved thee!

Costuming ... YIKES