Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hump Day

That's Wednesday for those of you who don't know better.  (And, if you had to have that explained to you, please discontinue reading as I'm not sure you're fully equipped to comprehend what is to come so you best be gettin' on... ya hear?)

Hump day.


I have "that" kind of mind.  Sorry.

Anyway, what was I talking about.  Oh yes, it's Wednesday.


The day before Thursday and after Tuesday.  The day before I leave for the Sanity 2012 Tour.  I hit 40 this year you know.  I'm due a mid-life crisis anytime now, right?

Speaking of -- Have I hit "mid" life?

I certainly don't think I want to live to see 80.  Wrinkles, diapers, dementia, cataracts, "procedures" -- all that sounds Fuuuuuuuu-UUUUUN!  Right?  Yeah.  About as fun as a rambutan suppository!


Something crazy heard at my house today:

Drew:  "Dad, I can't wait until Friday!"

Andy:  "Really, why?"

Drew:  "Because I can run around the house in my underwear!"

I'm pretty easily amused... but I wish I could get as excited about something so simple as he does.  He wasn't as excited when he got his butt smacked tonight for PUNCHING THE GARAGE DOOR when he didn't get his way.

Sometimes, this parenting thing -- yeah, that -- it really sucks.

Glad I wasn't hear to witness it.

Anyway, I'm long overdue for a status update, rant and photo overload... so stay tuned!  It will be forthcoming in the days ahead.

I've found inspiration again.
I love being inspired to write.
Perhaps I'll even begin writing on my book again.

Who knows.

First thing first.... get through tomorrow.... have a great weekend out of town... come back refreshed, renewed and ready to referee again.  Hopefully with a little more patience than I've had as of late.