Saturday, March 5, 2011

Do you keep track?

Andy told me that Drew said to him that he was going to keep a calendar of his good days and his bad days.


Because yesterday was a good day. I guess he didn't want to forget.

What was so special about yesterday? Well, for one, he got to go see his cousin, Mande, play basketball. He thinks the world of her, dontcha know. Plus, he got the "golden arches" for dinner as a special treat. And lastly, he got to sleep....



Oh yes, what a treat when you get to crash on the couch in our house. It's a highly coveted resting area. Funny, I remember as a kid, we had a sectional sofa with a HUGE square ottoman and we'd push the ottoman in and make big pallets on there and think that was pretty special, too. So, I get it! I do.

He said that today is going to be a great day as well. Why? Because it's Saturday and he's going to get Domino's Pizza for dinner (he loves their cinnamon bread sticks), and sleep on the couch AND (as if all that weren't enough) he's getting donuts for breakfast in the morning.

Yes, an entire weekend of eating like crap and he's still a skinny as a rail. Oh, to be 6 years old again. I remember being a 6 slim in those days... I do... I do. {{sigh}}

So, as it stands, Drew will have, not one, not two, but three days in a row on his calendar of "good days." It made me realize, you know, there are many opportunities every day to make the time we spend with and in service to our families special.

If we all strive to make someone else's day better, every day, we are gifted in return... and at that point, I think most everyone would lose the ability to keep track because the good days would so far outweigh the bad, they wouldn't even be worth counting because every day would be a good day.

Just ponderings...

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

Drew I agree that Saturday sounds like a GOOD day to me too. Those are some yummy and amazing treats!