Saturday, March 12, 2011

We stick together like glue....

It was an odd morning. I'm still recovering from this cough, sinus, yuck that Ben shared with me. But what made the morning odd? Ben slept in! Yes, he slept until like 8 o'clock! I was up at 5:30 so I surfed the net waiting for him to wake. It was absolutely unbelievable.

I'm so blessed to be able to snuggle with him... and have him roll over and smile at me... I am so enjoying and savoring every.single.minute! I am completely in love with the kid. Head over heels... this momma's whooped!

I got up and got him his bottle and some Cheerios. Nothing fancy. I got some oatmeal and cinnamon toast going for everyone else. Drew was up writing a book... yes, you read that right. Drew is writing a book. Know what it's called?

Diarrhea Kid.

Seriously, I $hit you not (ha ha!)... the child is writing a book -- with illustrations -- about a kid that is pooping on a tree. I think this one... this one is going to be shown at his college graduation reception... What IS it with boys and poop?

Josh was up shortly after breakfast was ready. He's in somewhat of a funk. Not too sure what it's about... he leaves today for Iowa. We almost see eye to eye now. His foot is bigger than mine... where did my little Joshie-lou go? He's turning into ... a young man. Yuck!

He sat down at the table and does what he always does, thanks me. Yes, the child thanks me for every.single.thing I put in front of him. Isn't that sweet?

He also packed for his trip today all by himself. First time ever. I'm trying to give him his wings... it's hard. It sucks.

Mom came by to take him to the airport for me since I'm still under the weather and... it's a nice chance for them to spend some time together.

I started doing my once a month cooking planning... I need to get the freezer FULL for baseball season! It's my only saving grace, man! My only saving grace some nights!

Drew was outside most of the day playing with the neighborhood kids. For a spell they were here conquering dragons in the backyard with their (sugar-free) Blue Bell bullets. It was truly a beautiful day.

I should have taken photos... but I just wasn't feeling it today...and I'm totally okay with that.

Andy finally got around to putting together the tool chest we got him for Christmas. And... he sliced his finger open in the process. Yeah, he's good at man-handling things. He came walking in quite fast talking about cuttin his finger and let water run on it then was like, "AAAAAH IT STINGS." I got him a clean cloth and was all, "... quit looking at it! DIRECT PRESSURE!" He finally chilled out a tad and I was like... I want to see it. So he showed me and I pulled it to see if he needed stitches and oh yeah, it's to the bone. He needs them.

"You need stitches."

"Naaah, I just need a butterfly bandaid."

"No, you NEED stitches."

"Naaah, I'll be fine."

"You need STITCHES. I'm calling my aunt." (She's an RN.) No answer.

I called my neighbor (who is also an RN). She brought me over some Dermabond (medical grade superglue). And what did I do? I glued my man back together, yes I did.

SO now, we're stuck like glue!

But for the record, he DID need stitches.

On other news... I'm still doing the Jenny Craig thing. I've lost almost 10 pounds so far. I find it odd that the "at home" consultants try to tell you that the "at home" program is the best becuase the centers take SO long and are SO inconvenient. Then the centers tell you that you don't want to do the AT HOME JC program because you're just "stuck" with whatever food they give you (not true). Why can't they all just be on the same team? Or, when I told my consultant that I swapped out a breakfast the other day for a Weight Watchers Smart Ones (I like their quesadillas) which is about darned near equal to a JC breakfast and 1/3 the cost. "You did WHAT? Oh, if you really want the program to work for you, you NEED to eat the Jenny Craig foods." Yeah, I get that they make a killing on their RIDICULOUSLY over-priced foods but, you know, I wonder how many more lives they'd touch if they just lowered the prices some. You know. I do like the convenience of not having to "think about it" and honestly I don't care... I'm GOING to eat what I want... if I WANT a Weight Watchers breakfast... STICK IT cause I'm GOING to eat one! I can pay $2.99 for TWO of those or I can pay $4.99 for ONE JC breakfast meal. Yeah, do the math. So stupid. Don't send me on a guilt trip for being smart! Ya know? I remember starting to feel this way the last time I was on it, too. You get to "that point" and just want a change.

Tonight, I had fish and chips and a big ole plate of stir-fried veggies (yum!)

Ben is about to wake up...he's swinging right now... reached that whiney point so I know he was done. He's having a 20 minute snoozer for me to eat (I'm doing that now... well, not RIGHT This second but .. I am multi-tasking! ha)

I hope tonight, when I lay my head on the pillow, that I can breathe again. Out of both nostrils. At the same time.

Andy says that breathing is over-rated.


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Tim always cuts himself when he's doing work. He figures he hasn't done it right if there's been no blood!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

yeah to sleeping in!!!

Ok I'm dying laughing at his book name! That is great he is such an amazing guy!

I did JC for my wedding it was great but I had the same problem they always wanted me to buy just their food. Which I understand they make a percentage off but what is right for me is what is right for my pocket book :).

Great job on 10 lbs!!! HUGS