Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Fill Ins


It's Friday....and you know what THAT means!  It's time once again for Friday Fill Ins!  I love these little memes! we go!

1. Sniff, sniff...what is burning? That was the question that crossed my mind on Monday when you could SEE smoke and SMELL something burning... but even the fire department were unable to determine the source (I called to report it and they already had an engine out in the area tryign to find anything.)  It was quite creepy, however, because the entire park near our home was full of smoke... 

2. I am a sports fan, but only of whatever my children are playing (for the most part).  I will say that I am a Texas Rangers baseball fan and have been all my life.  No, I'm not a die hard fan that knows every member on their roster, from what college they hail nor do I even know at any given time who is even on their team... I am just a fan.  I am also a Denver Broncos fan.  I am a native Texan and I believe you really have to be a Cowboys fan (to some degree) and I am... but since they're such a joke, I really could care less.  I do root for the USAFA, the Red Raiders and .... I've even been known to cheer for the underdog in a few situations... just cause... that's how I roll.

3. What in the world was I thinking accepting a month-long plank and an ab challenge on top of my daily workouts!  That's okay... bring it!
You want in on the challenge?  Here ya go!

4. I simply cannot function without a daily dose of peace and quiet.  That is a high commodity in my life.  The "noise" of life renders my thoughts unable to process and complete leaving me with a severe case of "MB."  You know... "Mommy Brain"  When you put the milk in the pantry... try to put the diaper on your child's head instead of their butt... put a slice of cheese on the kids sandwiches -- still wrapped in plastic.  Yeah... MB!

5. One of my dreams is to get back to Colorado as soon as possible.  Is that a dream or a goal?  Both?  Whatever... part of me is missing...

6. Common sense seems to be a trait that is possessed by so few.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to relaxing after a fun-filled day with my bestie, Tamara, in Canton at First Monday Trade Days, tomorrow my plans include a basketball game for Drew, baseball practice for Josh and an evening among Scouting elite and Sunday, I want to do nothing.  Supposedly there's a football game on somewhere!

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

Planking are u nuts lol. I so need to try it but I think u might find me in a ball crying.