Thursday, December 28, 2006

Six Flags

I thought Drew was on the mend so since I had no other plans, I took him to Six Flags. We paid to park, I found a place I'd remember (the same place I parked when I took Josh and Sam), and we started to walk in. I took a backpack full of gear - snacks, drinks, etc. and Drew wanted to walk so I held his hand and we started for the park. We parked near the bobsled ride and we had dto stop and watch it for a good 5 minutes... he thought that was the neatest thing he'd ever seen. We got in and he immediately saw the carousel but on the way there he was distracted by the water fountains so we stared at them dancing to the holiday music playing throughout the park.

We walked to Looney Tunes Land and he was just in awe at the sights, sounds, smells... and then he saw them... the big semis to drive. I asked him if he wanted to drive and he said "kay". We walked and waited in line. He did so well in line... we had to wait for three times to go before we got our turn. I let him pick out the color of truck we rode - he didn't care for the color, he wanted the front one. So up we climbed to the top and waited for the ride to start. They aparently had trouble getting one kiddon in or out so we were able to sit atop and look at the surrounding rides. There was a bus that basically went around and around up in the air... like it was on the end of the hands of a clock. Every time it went up to the top, the kids in it all screamed with delight. I saw Drew spying that and asked him if he wanted to ride and he gave me that "are you freakin crazy lady" look and said very quickly, "NO". So then our truck started... he said "there gooooooooo" and we were off. Every time we went around a corner, I'd tell him to "turn turn turn"... and he'd get that wheel just flying. He really thought he was in control of the whole ride. So it was finished and he again, spied the bus so I asked him again, do you want to ride that? He said "kay".... I was floored.

We got in line and she measured him (I thought he was too short)....but she said, "as long as mommy rides with you, you can ride" so he said "mom come-mere" and we boarded the bus. When it first started, I wasn't sure if he realized what he was in for.. I think he, for a spilt second, wondered what the heck he was doing... then the heard the spunky voice of the teenager operating the ride, "when you get to the top, scream as loud as you can" so he did. He had that high-pitched shrill that only the bats could hear. The she said, "raise your arms as high as you can and SCREAM".... and he did... it was SO cute. I'd have killed to have had video of that.

After that was done, he wanted to check out other stuff so we walked around for a bit... we went to see the Judge Roy Scream... he said, "momma, I ride?" I said, no, you're not big enough now... (we went through the exit so he could watch). On the way back, he saw a plane ride and so I let him watch. He was SO excited... wanted to try it... i was excited for him too until I realized that he had to ride BY HIMSELF. I knoew he'd be crawling out screaming for me when it was at the top... a little boy ... probably 5 was in the front seat, Drew was in the rear. I pulled that seatbelt down as far as it'd go... and did that Catholic thing (you know... touch your head.. and each shoulder kinda thing) in my head... just saying.... good God, I can't believe I just strapped my TWO YEAR OLD in a flying ride.... he's going to kill himself and I'm going to be standing here watching... then it took off... and the little boy raised up the control and they were up in the sky and I saw something AMAZING... Drew was LAUGHING. He was SO excited... He did look around and call for me a couple of times, but he just couldn't get his bearing on where I was. The ride was done, they came down and I oculdn't wait for the exit gate to open so I could go in and scoop him up. And he said "momma, I fly".... he was so proud of himself. And I was so proud of him.

We got in line for one ride, they had to shut it down b/c of the wind.... we stopped and had a snack.. we rode his favorites a couple more times... carousel, etc. His nose started running and since I didn'dt take a stroller, this little man was walked out! I asked him if he wanted his binkie and go to home and he said "yep" so away we went.

It's good to have bonding days like that... lets you just get away and have some fun.

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