Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall Festival

I love Drew's preshool! It's just a great place with great people and great teachers and great kids and great parents. :) And, of course, a great Fall Festival. :) The kids got to wear their costumes today and I, of course, take pictures of the whole shin dig. I was up until 1:30 a.m. sewing Drew's costume but by golly, I got 'er dun! :) And the fact that he was SO totally excited and jsut knew that everyone was going to lvoe it too made me so proud that he was excited to ahve something great, made by me, and that he was PROUD to wear it. :) I was beaming when he, so full of pride went up to his teachers and friends to show them his costume. :)

IT was great until I realized the first HOUR's worth of photos didn't come out on the card. It was bad or something?! Grrrr... so who knows what I totally wound up with. :(

They went through trick or treating through the church and did a bunch of stations they'd set up for candy... it was just great fun!

Poor Josh, he had a BUSY day. School. Got out at 3. Tutoring from 3:30 to 4:30. I picked him up at 4:30 and took him home to get ready for baseball. Left for baseball practice at 4:45... he was there until 6:20. Andy picked Josh up from practice and brought him to me. He then got Drew and I took Josh with me to the October pack meeting. That was 6:40 to 8:40.

I think I just am loving this whole Cubmaster shin dig. It was a great pack meeting... we actually had a working microphone. The kids had a great time. The meeting ran on time. The ceremony was fun... we got 3 new Scouts... two new volunteers... so I couldn't be happier! :) Well, my den's skits could have been received a little better. They were SO excited to be on stage that they don't know WHERE their audience nor do they project their voices loud enough for people to catch the punch lines... Oh well.. live and learn --;)

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