Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'll be making updates TODAY

I took a break from most everything associated with computers -- all my blogs -- all my boards -- all my everything so that I could UNPLUG and get organized...

So, be standing by for massive updates daily from now on. :)

One thing to note -- it's SUMMER HERE ALREADY! It was 99 degrees yesterday. I was NOT ready for that at all. UGH! We had a huge storm system blow through last night but again, I think the protective bubble that is around our home continues to break storms up so that they generally go north and south of us and completely miss us. Thank you God for small favors. :) The boys slept together in J's bed last night -- it was so cute!

Tomorrow my oldest turns TEN! He's entering double digits. I can't even believe it! Ten years old. He knows at ten -- mom's rule -- no more parties. I told him he could pick a couple of friends and so something fun so Andy agreed to take him and his two friends to a big water park. My part of the whole birthday thing is to make him a guitar cake for his birthday. Yeah... that'll be easy... NOT! I'm going to see if Hobby Lobby has a cake pan for that. I can hope. Otherwise, it'll be completely from scratch! UGH!

Anyway... it's good to get back to blogging -- I've felt like I've lost part of my life (since I HAVE no memory) but now I will have to rely on looking ahead at the fun and the future.

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