Monday, September 28, 2009

They always screw you at the drive thru

Last night we ordered out from Chilis. Got screwed. I was so excited to get a hamburger! It had NOTHING on it. No lettuce, no tomato, no onion. It was meat, cheese and bread? I paid $8 for that? Insane! They shorted Andy on the fajitas. They had like 4 pounds of onions and barely ANY fajita meat. It was beyond disappointing.

Then today, I'm wanting some nachoes (craving Mexican)... so we went to Taco Bell. In the drive thru, they didn't give me my change... they had no cheese pizza (we went to one of those combo Pizza Hut/Taco Bells) and then when I got home, I had no taco! Couple that with the fact that the chips smelled and tasted liek they were covered with soem sort of chemical and it's proof positive that we're 0-2 for successful drive-thru missions.

I think it's a sign to get off my lazy butt and get in the kitchen.

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chksngr said...

I'm craving mexican all the time too...but EWWWWW!!!! Taco Bell?!??!?!