Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's time to chill

It's almost over! Can you hear the giddy in my voice? I almost feel a bit two-faced for saying that I'm GLAD it's almost over. Because, frankly, I'm glad when it starts, and I love it while we're in the thick of it but by the end doggoneit -- I'm ready for it to just be over!

What do I speak of? Why, fall sports, of course!

Can I get an amen?!?

This year Drew played fall baseball and Josh played football.

Drew's team, games, organization and practices were local. Josh was practicing at his school but the games were an hour away and they had to be there an hour early. Yuck.

Josh had Monday, Tuesday, Thursday practices and then Saturday games. Drew had sporadic practices but it seemed that they were always on Josh's "off" days which means that we never had a day to just chill the heck out!

Mama needs to have some chill time.

Drew's team's last game was 10/22. We were camping.

Josh's potential last game is this Tuesday. It also happens to be the first playoff game. If they win, they play on Saturday. If they lose, they're done. They nearly beat this team before (the game ended in a tie) so they're certainly capable of winning this game. However, I'd really like this season to just be done. (Shhhh... don't tell anyone, okay?) It'd be awesome to be the team that goes to the "superbowl" and PLAY at Dallas Cowboy's Stadium. That'd be pretty awesome (seeing that I've never been there -- I have this thing with paying $40 plus dollars to park my car somewhere for a matter of a couple of hours).

So, I hope they win but I won't be disappointed if they lose. Does that make sense?

Besides, I got giddy today. This evening.... seriously giddy! You see, I keep a calendar on the side of the refrigerator with the big events of the days written in so that we don't just flat out forget something... you know, in case I get hit by a bus.

Currently, I see days on there that have NOTHING ON THEM! Nothing AT ALL.

It made me smile.

We're getting into the season when it's more about us, and family and spending time together than it is being a mad dashed crazy woman who feels like a taxi service, a short order cook and literally doing laundry to keep game shirts clean.

This winter off will be time to focus on calm, on Scouts, on family and on the upcoming holidays -- all without any added pressures.

And, frankly, I really am looking forward to it.

I mean, I'm like the next typical Type-A personality that works well under pressure. I really do pull off some great work in the steamer. However, while working under the added stress of we have to be at Point A by such-and-such time and Point B by such-and-such time and then dinner in between while trying to get Benji's nap in... Right now, I'm done with the pressure-cooker-style mama.

It's.Time.To.Chill. For BOTH the weather and the woman!

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