Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It's admitted -- I'm an organizational freak!

I'm such a flibberdy gibbit. i feel that my universe is misaligned if everything doesn't have a space to be in so that I can have no clutter in my life. If it doesn't have a space, it probably doesn't need to be there and I generally get rid of it. I hold onto some things as sentimental... only to go through later and try to weed out the strays.

Seriously, who has space for EVERY drawing your kid makes for you? I swear I'd make Crayola proud if they saw all the drawings I have retained. I've had things that I've thrown away only to have Josh retrieve it from the trash and inquire how it wound up there. That's when the mommy white lies come out, "Oh my GOODNESS, I have no idea why that's there! We must put that up on the refrigerator immediately." He skips off happily and I count down the minutes until he's out of sight so that I can bury it beneath the trash so that he really WONT find it this time.

Have you ever just gotten on an organizational roll and just kicked butt?! I’m having one today. On a whim after dropping Drew off at preschool today (like I didn't have anything ELSE to do) I decided that the cereal shelf needs to be moved down so that Josh can get his own cereal in the morning if he wants it. So since that got moved down, of course that means that I totally need to reorganize the pantry. I love my kitchen!

Then I realize I have an entire drawer dedicated to all kinds of things Drew doesn't use anymore so I got all that cleaned out, moved the straws where both he and Josh could reach them in a drawer, moved all his silverware into a little drawer divider in a drawer and cleaned up where all their dishes are stored so that only THEIR stuff was stored down there. I decluttered my utensil drawers (got rid of a few utensils I didn't use)-- I'm a total kitchen gadget freak and personally don't even know why I moved them with me... should have left them to be in someone else's kitchen junk drawer! Ha!

Then I realized I was storing all my camera equipment in a drawer in the kitchen because that's just where it wound up-- out it went to my scrapbooking room... Have I mentioned I LOVE MY SCRAPBOOK ROOM!!!

Then I realized.. wow, I need to clean up my mess from making Josh's little Valentine's box last night so started doing that when I realized it was impossible to find anything in my alphabets file... so I went and got my box of page protectors and started going through my alphabet file (I have two of those 12x12 expandable plastic envelope things FULL of alphabits (die cuts, stickers). I filled one binder and have about 1/2 of another one full when i RAN OUT of page protectors.

So I looked at the clock and thought DANG I need to eat breakfast (nevermind that it's 1 in the afternoon) so now I'm munching on some fresh veggies and dip and waiting for the laundry to dry.
I'm just really having a good day... it's just weird! LOL

I just like to feel like I needed accomplish something I guess and boy have I today! Crazy the things that can make us feel like we've "done something".

NOt that I dont' need to work on curtains, order a border, find a table cloth, get the carpet cleaned, get a new bedspread, make Josh's valentines for his class and school administration, make Drew's teachers their valentines, blah blah blah blah. Maybe one of my accomplishments will actually be to make a list of all I need to do? Naah, I'd probably have a panic attack then!

---- on a side note... today is Drew's Valentine's party at school. I handmade his little valentines for his class. Brightly colored cardstock with a vertical fold. Some cute little printed paper with colored hearts on it and I put a heart shaped lollipop in the center with a coordinating ribbon tied around it. The inside has a little hand stamped heart (colored to match the cardstock) with a coordinating brad on a mini tag and his name stamped below. Very simple but I think they came out quite cute.

Tomorrow is Josh's Valentine's party at school. I think that will be fun. We only get an hour so I've got to cram lots of fun into that amount of time. :) I can do it!

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