Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My resolution has failed!

Ugh... I so wanted to keep up with this thing on an every-other-day status but man, I suck at remembering to do this. Why do I feel it more important to go through e-mails of groups I'm no for no apparent reason rather than log my life (so that I can remember). You know the movie The Notebook? Well, that's going to be me... other than the fact that I don't have Alzheimers (Old Timer's)... I just have no freakin memory!

Last night Josh had his buddy from his class, Jackson, over after school. They ran and played out back, out front, upstairs, downstairs... it was a lot of fun. He stayed for dinner -- neither ate much. I think they were just so wound up from a day spent running that couldn't even sit still long enough to eat more than macaroni and cheese but it was great to see him bubbling like that.

Drew's still a little under the weather... poor kid wants his binkie but can't breathe so he gets mad that he can't suck and breathe at the same time... sounds like it's time to kick that binkage to the curb and be a man... ha... well, as much of a man as a 2 year old can be.

OH... when I went to pick him up from school yesterday (Drew, not Josh) the director told me he had bitten someone. I do NOT want the kid that is the biter.... there are SO many polar opposites between this kiddo and Josh it'll just make your head spin! So, do you whack him upside the head and say "don't bite"... or bite him back? I remember when Josh was in daycare, he got bit several times in one or two weeks by this little kid with a big head named Connor and I got SO sick of the daycare for not doing anything about it... I showed Josh how to make a fist and told him to hit the boy square in the jaw if he bit him again. (This is, of course, after failed attempts at getting the school to protect him). I then went to his teacher, the helper, the director and assistant director and told them exactly what I'd told Josh to do and threatened them if Josh were disciplined for defending himself. Well, Josh did smack the kid in the jaw...and he never bit him again! Turns out his parents were going through an UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUgly divorce and he was just acting out... but I'm sorry, someone still needs to look out for my kiddo! The other parents wound up having to pull their kid out of the daycare.

This morning I enjoyed my "everythign" bagel... YUM-O but now it's 10:22 and I have garlic breath. Is that legal?

I tried to institute a new "policy" that every month on the 28th we'd do something special for Josh -- he could pick a meal or do something fun (if it was within reason) to kind of celebrate his birthday every month all year -- same thing for Drew.... so what is his choice for today? He wanted to go to Canton with me?! How fun will that be. I told him that there's lots of walking and that he can't whine. LOL... I'm adventurous so I'll let him try it out. Mom's going to have a "Drew" day on Saturday then. She'll need TWO naps on Sunday!

I watched American Idol last night.... I think it's funny that they make such a big deal about the surge of reality tv shows...does anyone remember Solid Gold... how about Dance Fever? .... I mean, come on, reality tv has been on for years.... all the game shows that used to be around -- that's reality tv.... I just think it's weird that the game shows now are all prime time shows instead of during the day. Can't SOMEONE kill everyone off of the daytime soaps so that something else can take their place. Victor Kurakis (sp?).... no one looks the same 20 years later... and still chasing women... it's just... GROSS! You need to age some or you just look like an android or something. Soap Operas... I watched Days when I was in school.... then turned it on one day years back -- freakin Marlena was possessed... how GAY! ... and they try to mimic every news story on the planet... tsunami.... earthquake... like someone like THEM would ever go somewhere without their cell phones and then get lost for years in a cave... what the hell ever!

So back to American Idol... The guys performed last night. There's one guy on there that is so full of cheese that he just makes me cringe -- some arab looking guy... Sin-jay or something like that... he's got too many teeth and is TOO gay... I have my 3-4 favorite guys... I like the navy guy that missed his daughter's birth for the auditions... I like the b-boxer.... can't decide if he's gay or not.... the dedications were pretty neat.... Sundance isn't as good as the one guy with the buzz hairdo that Simon said did the best by far last night.... couple of those hispanic guys are just forgettable still... the black guy that sang Cyndi Lauper...?? yikes... the dedication was nice but I agreed with Randy.... you gotta wow everyone... EVERY week... especially b/c your grandma is dead dude... you ain't gonna impress her if you get cut! ok... that was mean, but SERIOUSLY! :) Nick Pedro... he dedicated his song "Fever" to his girlfriend.... I swear I thought he was going to propose to her at the end (wonder if she did too).... but he didn't... I think it'd have had him score major brownie points if he did!

OK... off to clean.... :) just wanted to ramble some so that I had SOMETHING down on paper for today.

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