Monday, December 5, 2011

Boy... a Monday... a monday

You know it was not a good start to the week. It was definitely a Monday. I was just settling into my chair at 7:55 when Josh phoned from school. He'd forgotten to wear pajamas for his class' pajama day. Could I please bring them up there? Uuuuugh....


Up... shower... dressed... wake the sleeping baby who is now fussy because he was stirred before he was ready to get up. No breakfast for him. In the car. Give him a graham cracker and a sippy cup of chocolate milk. Drive to the school. Unpack the warm baby from the car in the bitter windy cold. Deliver said jammies to the office. Return said baby to the bitter chill. He's asking for "more" (grahams) but I'd only grabbed one. Epic failure. Stop at McDonald's for some pancakes. Get home. Feed the kid. Seriously, the day seemed to go just from one thing to the next.

I went to playgroup and that was nice. I was glad to make it finally. Always something seems to come up on playgroup days. But we were there today darnit!

Back in the car toward home and get the kiddo down. I seriously need to sit down and brain dump but I am so just... not in anything even remotely related to Christmas that it's really bringing me down. I am just not fa-la-la worthy.

I'm a crotchety bitch lately. I think that having kids the age that Ben is now really brings out the grumpalumpagus in me. They throw everything. They hit everything. Every item is a projectile. They have no remorse. They headbutt you in the nose, the eye, the leg. They hurt the dogs. They won't be still to have their diaper changed. They can't talk so they get frustrated. It's a great age of discovery but it's oh so exhausting.

Josh is focused more than ever on his grades because he let his math grade seriously tank.

Drew is turning into an irresponsible little imp that is driving me nuts.

The socks being left EVERYWHERE are seriously DRIVING ME NUTS.

The boys not lifting the toilet when they pee thus leaving all kinds of unpleasantness all over the seat IS DRIVING ME NUTS.

The fact that they seem to not understand they need to pick up their crap.... and don't... and don't care... IS DRIVING ME NUTS.

I want to do my December Daily album and I have no idea how to pull it off. No idea. ??? Who finds time for anything remotely photo worthy... with a toddler around. Who finds time to do ANYTHING with a toddler around.

I think that the majority of this entire ball of stress comes from the fact that right now I feel like I'm running in circles and have no help. I wasn't able to get all the planning done ahead of time like I always do and so now... it's being reactive rather than proactive and I don't respond well to this type of format. However, as stated, the little ankle biters make life difficult. That freakin Duggar woman...she's just a nut. There's no other way about it... oh wait...she has an entire daycare staff working, I mean, living there to take care of her children so she doesn't have to... no wonder she keeps having more. She hasn't had to take care of them when they're this age...she just pawns em off on someone else in the house.

I tell ya... at this point... I'm THANKFUL for Monday night Troop meetings because it seems like the only chance for me to have a sanity break lately.

Right now... I seriously just want to cry. So... I'm saying screw it to the pile of dirty dishes in my sink that need to be put in the dishwasher. Screw it to the loads of clothes in the laundry room. Screw it to the infinity of lists that are waiting to get done. Screw it to the tree that I'm ready to box back up that has no decorations on it... because the boys want it up.... but not enough to actually decorate it. I'm just ready to say screw it to everything... for the night. I've had a three day killer headache going so I'm sure that is exacerbating everything.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

It has to be...

...I've got too much crap to do.

'Tis the season.


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