Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Squashed that humbug!

I woke up today knowing it was going to be a good day! And, for the most part, it was.

This morning I had a family meeting at the breakfast table. I let my boys know my expectations and they agreed to try to remember to do what they're supposed to be doing anyway. Is it just a "penis" thing? I'm starting to think so.

I got my shower, got ready and made a mental list of what needed to be accomplished. (Too much so I threw that idea out the window.)

Benji woke up so we made him breakfast and got him ready for school. . . then he tried to throw a monkey wrench in my morning by being a little toot when it was time to change him a) from his wet diaper to a dry one and b) from his pj's to his clothes. He is just...well, he's a little jerk. He kicks me... screams... pulls at everything. I've lost several fingernails because he will jerk a leg while I'm snapping and pop -- back my nail goes. And I'm not talkinga bout Lee Press-On Nails, these are MY NAILS. OUCH! It sucks. He's a twerp. I'll be so glad when he outgrows this stage.

Ben, when you're reading this in 20 years -- you were a little TWERP TODAY! I still love you but boy I didn't like you much!

Drop off the twerpy toddler at preschool. LOVE how he holds me when we get him out of the car. He just lays his head on my shoulder, I cover him up with a blanket so the wind doesn't take his breath away (32 degrees and a biting wind does not a happy toddler make), and we walk and I talk to him all the way in. Love that. Kiss. Kiss. Hug and I was out the door.

I went home and decided to check e-mail for ten minutes (huge mistake). I seriously need to learn to set a timer.

An hour and a half later, I was done.

I wound up taking an on-line training course for Scouting so that all of my training would be up-to-date. It was a labor of love so I did so willingly knowing that it's for the better of the Pack/Troop taht I get it done.

After I took the course, I made a trip to Wal-Mart (that's enough to screw up anyone's day especially THIS time of year.) to pick up some items I'd ordered from their website. While I was there, I grabbed some wrapping paper, red bows for the tree, an over-the-door hanger for Josh's bathroom (he needs somewhere to hang towels so he will quit leaving them in a pile on the floor GRRRRRrrrrrr), and a few other knick knacks for Christmas. I grabbed a Subway and headed home.

From there, I fa-la-la'd all the rest of the morning. It was great! I put on my favorite Christmas music and GOT IT DONE! All the boxes are now out of the foyers. Almost everything is done and in its place. It's nice. It feels good. I felt stress levels decrease exponentially. God is good.

Check the clock...

I went to pick up Benji.
I went to pick up Drew.
I went home.

Drew went upstairs to get ready for his play date with his BFF and walked in to see his surprise...
Ta daaaah!

I hung Christmas lights up on the headboard of his bed and picked up his room for him. He was thrilled. He immediately ran to Josh's room to see that, yes, I'd done the same for Josh.

He finished up his homework and ran to Hunter's house. I had to run to pick up Josh from tutoring (yes, after being home a whole 30 minutes -- it's a whippin'!) He came home and thought his lights were quite "cool" too. We've apparently entered the age of one word answers, descriptions and conversations I see.


Look, I can play that game too! D'oh!

While we were now home for the day, I took advantage of cleaning this huge mess in my kitchen.

THIS is what happens when you have a child that didn't do his chore of emptying the dishwasher for TWO DAYS so that I could LOAD said dishwasher.

My eye is twitching.

Just keepin' it real folks.

The real fun part of this is that Benji loves to help unload the dishwasher. I mean -- LOVES it!

The silverware is his job.

I think he does a great job!

Don't you?


chksngr said...

I love how he does silverware!!! Noah's likes to close things up. Which is helpful if your hands are full...but not so helpful if you WANT the door open so you can put things away. He also likes to put away trash and recycling. its the cutest thing to see him swoop into a room, pick up a napkin and fly to the trash can to throw it away. He says "Help me! Help me!" instead of "helping." HAHA

brandt! said...

hey Woman .. good to read you again! I miss you too! You have the right blog account .. I'll have to make more effort to write again; I miss venting! Love your post, as usual! Love the lights!

Brandt! said...

hey woman .. wrote you an email but it bounced back .. we need to stay in touch! J