Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday - back to normal

The house has been de-Christmased today. I always say it and I always mean it -- it's kind of sad to put away all the "fluff" because it just makes the house look so nice.

I like the lights.

I like the tree.

I like the lit garland.

I love my nativity.

I love it all.


And it's all packed neatly in tubs in my attic (thanks to my wonderful dad!)

Today was my first day of a "break" since mid-December. All the kids were back in school. I was going to dance a jig but I didn't get a break all day. I was up at 6:30 a.m. making a quick breakfast only to spend my morning from 8-9 doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen breakfast dishes, putting away clean dishes and picking up a playroom all while feeding and entertaining a curious toddler who appeared to be quite sleepy.

I dropped Benji off at school at 9:30 and returned home to find my dad here waiting for me. And down they came... two mantles, two trees, tons of ornaments, lots of lights, a plethora of Santas.... all packed away carefully until next year.

We did take a lunch break (Chipotle). I ate half a veggie burrito and saved the other half for Josh.

From 10am to 2pm we got this house put back together.

I left at 2:10 pm to pick up Benji (and I even remembered his snack and chocolate milk) and went from there to sit in the three different carpool lines. Oh what fun.

We came home and it was back to work... house, laundry, entertaining little people.

Eventually, Josh and I had a "come to Jesus" meeting about his room. I sat there while he actually DID "clean" it since he apparently has no idea what "clean" really is. It's soooo fun spending your time sitting on a bed watching someone work. Yes, it would have been easier to do it all myself but he wouldn't have learned a darn thing.

Drew... Drew got grounded from his iTouch because apparently he thought it was a good idea to throw a wooden block at me when he didn't like what I said. No, I didn't pick it up and throw it back at him -- my luck I'd have taken out an eye and then had guilt. This way the guilt is all his. His only option at that point was to read in his room... and he did... three books!

Cotton Patch was on the dinner menu. Healthy? Nope. Wasn't I supposed to start eating better again? Yes. However, the healthy eating plan will start -- but it can't start until I get to the grocery store to get some food to eat!

I couldn't make dinner tonight because I was cleaning the oven...boy that stinks! STANKS! But, it's clean...and I will remember to line it with foil this time so as not to make it hard to clean in the future! Foil on the bottom makes clean up a SNAP!

I did remember to take my POTD for today. Unfortunately, it's on the new camera and I just was able to install the new software and am not totally familiar with how to do transfers and such so those will have to come a week at a time! :)

It was a productive day...

If only I could go sleep in my own bed tonight. Andy is sick and lets just say it's much, much, MUCH too loud in there to even attempt sleeping... so tonight it's sofa city. Yuck.


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brandt! said...

my tree was down by the day after Christmas ... it's been a struggle to decorate for Christmas .. each year i question why? I love picking up and cleaning and decluttering ... bah humbug!! Let's get ready for Valentines Day!