Monday, January 9, 2012

On the nine

I'm going to start a monthly "on the nine" post to list what I'm currently doing (you know, just for fun!)

listening to rain falling outside. It's been a while. Other than that, complete silence (and, of course, the tapping of my cold fingers on the keyboard)

loving -- my huge salad I just ate, the fact that I can get back in some of my favorite jeans still even after the holidays, planning some trips, purging, being organized.

thinking -- about Scouting and our year ahead. (Yes, I'm a nerd like that!)

wanting -- a Roomba to clean up the dog hair off the floor daily. I swear I vacuum and a day later it looks like I haven't in a week. It's very frustrating. Motivation to a) get to the gym b) stay on Weight Watchers and c) follow Flylady

needing -- a hair cut (it's been over a year... it's time)



brandt! said...

i am so stealing this idea! you should create a meme for this and have others join ...!!

Brandt! said...

it's been a week! where are you? I copied this meme last week!