Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy V-Day!

Happy Valentine's Day O' Dearest Blog. How I have missed thee...

I have had much to write about, yet I have let other distractions consume my time. Regardless of the cause, I'm here now... with you... to share with you...

It's Valentine's Day. Aren't you just giddy with excitement? This is one holiday I've never really had great expectations for, nor generally participated in. Granted, when I was young, my mom would get us a stuffed heart or some flowers or some thoughtful token which was appreciated. However, age I matured, I realized that it's just not me.

Frankly, I'm not one to really enjoy receiving gifts. I find it awkward and frustrating and, yes, while it is true that it's the thought that counts... it's easy to be let down if something fails to meet your expectations.

Flowers - red roses, the symbol of true love. Generally, I don't enjoy fresh cut flowers for the simple fact that you have to maintain them in order for them to live. If you haven't noticed, I have quite enough to "maintain" without worrying about flower that are going to meet an untimely my hand. It's stress. It's pressure. Why bother?

Candy - Also, I don't understand the whole chocolate thing. Why give a girl a 5 pound box of chocolates and then get pissed when she gains weight? YOU just gave her FIVE POUNDS OF CHOCOLATE?!

Dinner - Have you ever been to dinner on Valentine's Day? It's INSANE!?!?! Even with a reservation, you'll be looking at a one-hour wait for a table. The kitchen will be backed up... they'll screw up your order. It's a recipe for a nightmare. Again, why bother?!

Stuffed animals - Puh-leez, I'm almost 40. This shouldn't even be plausible that a woman my age wants a dust-mite collecting-made-in-China-overpriced bear holding a pink velvet conversation heart. So save your nickels.

I think Valentine's Day has a place in the hearts of children... and in new romances... and in the younger crowd, but for this chick... just smile. Be nice. Eat my food. Hold my hand. Be there. Be yourself. Be constant. Be steady. Be humble. Those are the best gifts for Valentine's Day... because those are things you can do EVERYDAY. Forcing someone to go above and beyond for the sake of a Hallmark-created holiday is just not my style, man.

But for those that do celebrate it, Happy VD! (ha, see, had to end it like that... didn't I?)

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Brandt! said...

haha .. so true! In my marriage my ex always called it a Hallmark Day .. we never celebrated. I have to say that at times I would be sad when I saw the other ladies get the big basket of heart stuff ... well, my ex married on his second wife on that day ... haha .. sappy!
I still like to do the swedish fish for my son, lindt chocolate truffles for my girl ..and of course conversation hearts!