Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's 8:33 p.m...

Do you know where YOUR two year old is?

I do.  Well, not yours -- mine!

Right now he's playing in the water in his sink.

His bedtime is 7:30 p.m.

He has been in his room for OVER AN HOUR NOW.

He has been tucked in twice.  I won't go back unless there are some major blood-curdling screams echoing of blood and complete and total carnage.

I may have failed to mention that he has had ONLY twenty two minutes of a nap today...out of his usual 1.5-3 hours.

This child is going to drive me abso-friggin-loutely insane.  Albeit a short trip, but Psycho City is indeed where this gal is headed.

He's had a bath, diaper change, medicine that SHOULD knock him out, his favorite blanket, 27 binkies, Elmo jammies... he should be SET.

Don't you wish someone would give you EVERYTHING you need and just say, "Please, just sleep and feel better and I will take care of everything else."

Would you really feel compelled to crawl on the daybed to open the blinds?  Dig through your vanity drawers for your toothbrush umpteen dozen times?  Would you feel that Lightning McQueen nightlight just needed to be turned off and on 1,629 times?  Would you feel completely unsatisfied until yo'uve driven your Hot Wheels firetruck on the wall 837 times?  Or, would you grow a brain and say to yourself, "Self, you've got it so good!  Let's snooze?!"  Yeah, I'm going to vote on the last one.

Youth is wasted on the young

And so is my patience.


chksngr said...

You know, Boa is not out of his crib yet. At 2.5 (almost) he has not yet felt compelled to get out of his crib alone, so we have let him continue to sleep IN the crib. We told ourselves that we would switch him out when he either figured out how to climb out (since it would no longer be safe) or when he is 3, which ever comes first. You are making me SO glad he shows NO signs of attempting the escape!

Brandt! said...

You are so friggin' funny!!! hahaha!!
I would give anything for someone to make me all comfy in bed and tell me to just go to sleep and everything will be taken care of .... it will never happen ... evah!!! *sigh*