Thursday, May 10, 2012

Party Central

It is party planning central around these parts lately.

End of school parties!  Holidays!  Block Parties!  End of season parties!  Birthday parties! Party party party!

First one is Mother's Day.  Is there a plan here?  Absolutely not.  Should there be?  Perhaps, but there is not.  Frankly, I can't stand going out to eat on any sort of holiday.  No one wants me to cook since I'm "a mom" but there isn't a person in this house capable of cooking an entire meal on their own... well, not that I'd want to consume, anyway.  So, I suppose it's a major stretch to say that Mother's Day is a "party."  Frankly, I'm not even looking forward to it.  I'd rather just skip right over it and pretend that it doesn't even happen this year.  I refuse to plan a day that is supposed to be for and about me.  So, since I don't plan it -- it doesn't get done.  So be it.  Maybe I should go get a room at the Gaylord, eat in quiet and peace, not have to cut any small bites for anyone, not have to dodge eating utensils caked in ketchup being catapulted across the table, not having to continually wipe hands.  Think about it -- I could go to bed early, sleep in and not have to wipe a single snotty nose or change and wipe a stinky butt for an entire day.  Now THAT would be a treat!  Perhaps, I'm onto something.  Is that truly a mom's greatest wish -- a break?  Me NOT doing something for a day because it's "Mother's Day" doesn't mean that someone else in this house will pick up the slack -- it just means I'll have to bust my ass twice as hard the next day to catch up.  How in the world is that worth it?  Yeah, let's escape back to the Gaylord.

Another party on the horizon is because Joshua is turning from a tween to a bonafide teen May 28.  I always thought that would freak me out a little -- to say that I had a child that was ___teen, but it doesn't.  I have found the older my kids get, the more I like them.  Perhaps that stems from the fact that I spend a vast majority of my time with DAMIAN!

I appreciate being able to reason with children using logic rather than bribery or counting to ten so that I don't beat them to death and tell God they died.  You simply can't reason with a two year old.

But, I digress.

I sure seem to do that a lot lately.

Parties?  Oh yes, parties.

Friday the 25th of May, Drew is supposed to play in his first All Stars game.  Afterwards, he will have his end of the season team party for baseball.  He grew a lot as a player this year.  It's been fun to watch him (not that I've seen him but maybe three games since I'm typically the one chasing DAMIAN in the sand pit and carrying the dump truck), but from what I've seen, he's gotten better.  [insert grumbling under my breath here]  I don't believe I will have to do much of anything for this party so that's always nice and a definite plus!

Next one in line is Josh!  Josh is not a "party" person.  For his birthday party, he wants friends and NRH20 (a local water park).  So, that's what he gets.  He doesn't want a "party."  I don't even know if I'm crossing some kind of "coolness" barrier by calling it a party.  Regardless, he's going there.  I may rent a cabana and go for a few hours.  Lord knows I could use a tan.  Not that I'll get one in a cabana, but it beats staying home on a Saturday with DAMIAN.  Unfortunately, as luck will have it, I will probably BE the one home with him regardless.  So, Josh and 10 or so of his best buds from school will be hoopin' it up at the water park Saturday, May 26.

Sunday, the 27th will be our neighborhood block party.  That's always fun.  Lots of food.  Lots of drinking.  Typically a huge waterslide for the kids.  It's a good time.

Monday is Memorial Day and, consequently, is Josh's actual birthday and so, yes, we have to have another observance!  That's when he will get his REAL cake and presents.  It's a birthday.  Those two things are a must.  Cake and presents.

Actually, come to think about it -- as THE mom, I think I should get presents.  I mean, I AM the one that had 24 hours of forced labor with a pitocin drip!  Right?  I AM the reason he was brought into this world.

And, since I'm the ultimate supermom, I've also made the reservations for Drew's birthday in July.  One must plan ahead, you know.... especially when you're Batmom.  He is going for LaserQuest.  We shall see if Andy is able to pull that one off.  Ha!  Frankly, I will be needed to orchestrate the party/cake and there will be a little terror afoot.... he will definitely be on daddy duty that morning.

So, this month is worse that Christmastime it seems.


I'm going to bed... at least I can dream of the Gaylord...

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