Friday, August 2, 2013

Runs with scissors

Time for Five Question Friday!

1. What is on your Summer 2013 bucket list?  I make a Summer Bucket List every year and use that as a guideline for fun.  I use that not as a "must get everything done" list but more as a "hey, here's a way to have some fun" list.  We are in the countdown to school (they start the 15th so it seems a little late to be asking me what's on my bucket list now that summer is pretty much over for us.  I blogged about it here if you were in need of ideas for next year's Bucket List.

2. What is the most useless item on your child's back to school list?  Scissors.  We have like... a GAZILLION pair of scissors.  Seriously, it's ridiculous.  I don't get rid of them because we're in Cub Scouts and there is always a need... but to buy a new pair every.single.year is just dumb.  I didn't, however, have to buy any school supplies.  Our PTO does the whole "kit" which absolves me from any comparison shopping and checking off lists for Diconderosa pencils.

3. What is the one reality TV show that makes no sense to you?  NONE of them make sense to me.  See

4. What is one movie you can watch over and over again? Why?  I watch tons of movies over and over again because I'm a mom...with a DVD player in my van.  I can recite every Pixar movie known to man I think word for word with much enthusiasm.  I need to do voice overs.  I'd rock.

5. What's your favorite back to school tradition?  I don't really have one I guess.... maybe I should start.  I mean, I always take pictures of the boys on their first day of school, but it TRULY sucks that my oldest goes to school on his first day... in a gym uniform.  Seriously?  They totally spoil it for me.  Hey... look at me... in my great athletic shirt.  Bleh.

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Paula said...

I laughed out loud at your rant about reality TV. Yes, I sit on my 'big fat butt' and watch some of this crazy nonsense on TV. It is an escape for me. I LOVE BIG Brother. I love all the drama and all the fighting and all the lying.....I like Survivor and we always watch Amazing Race and wish that we could do it....but I do agree with you about the scissors...why buy a new pair every year. Just send last years pair to school with them!!