Wednesday, July 31, 2013

You friggin' Einstein!

Paula's Place wants to know what one person from history would you most like to spend the day with and why.

My list is long.  My reasons are plenty.  Here is a brief snapshot, however.

I would LOVE to meet with Leonardo di Vinci... his works were so far beyond anything ever even imagined for his day.  There are even groups of scientists that believe he was abducted by aliens because during a hiatus he wasn't heard from... and when he returned, he seemed to be renewed with a vigor... and a lot of ideas and concepts of such vastly different sciences, they don't believe it is possible he could just BE that smart. Must there always be some stupid conspiracy?
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Thomas Edison... can you imagine the idea of inventing a light bulb...and then mass producing it?  The business-minded man would certainly have strategies to share.
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George Washington... I would love to know about his resolve, integrity, strategy... 
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Sigmund Freud... I've read so many of his works... he intrigues me.
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Benjamin Franklin... I mean, he invented electricity... and the odometer!  He was an accomplished writer as well.  A politician... a postmaster... the man was a little bit of everything.  Although, he really needed a haircut.  That mop is just inexcusable for a man of such dignity!
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William Shakespeare... he was such a brilliant writer.  Who wouldn't want to share a moment of time for the writer of the ultimate love story?
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Elvis... because, who wouldn't want to spend a day with him?  I mean, he's ELVIS!
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But if I have to pick JUST ONE (which I already really didn't do because I listed some others anyway), I would say Albert Einstein.  He was personable, he was brilliant, he wasn't one who threw around credentials to make himself important.  He was on a journey of discovery... always.  I mean, he was the reason people CALL people "Einstein."  I would just love to pick his brain for a day... and take a picture with him doing this!

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zippiknits said...

My goodness. No women? hehehe

Anyway, I'm with you on the Einstein thing. I once asked him to help my daughter with her maths, and I'm absolutely sure that he did it!

Sandy said...

So far you're the only one who didn't pick a woman, interesting. I didn't even think of a man, not a single one, lol. Men before us were so anti women, keep woman down it only seemed fair not to give them a thought. Though I like the crazy picture with the wild hair.
Oozing Out My Ears

Paula said...

I think most all of them needed haircuts! LOL But there were others who didn't pick women.

Flora said...

You totally cheated by creating a list, but that's okay. :-) These are great choices.

Cristy S said...

I almost picked Georgie Porgie and Ben Franklin. If I got a do over I would pick Walt Disney!! So much I want to ask that man...including if I could be one of his kids.