Sunday, July 7, 2013

Back in time...

July Blogging Challenge

Over at Paula's Place is a monthly blog challenge for July.  Feel like joining in?  Come on.  Link up today's answer here.  New month, fresh start.... good conversations and hey, you may even make a new friend or two.  I have!

Day Seven:  If you could live in another time, what would it be and why?

My blog title reminded me of this song.  I totally love it.  Truth and realize that the video is weird (it's from movie Men In Black... whatever the sequel number is that they're on) but it's the song I do my ab routine to so it's fun and upbeat....  keeps my mojo flowing!

Anyway, back to the question at hand... I've actually thought about this.

I'd love to go back to the 1800s when there were early settlers on land.  Women were women... and men were men.  You worked your land.  Families stayed together.  Simplicity at it's greatest.  How exciting to be given 300 acres to homestead land JUST for the purposes of making population grow in new areas!?!  I find that fascinating!  Making your way from a sod home to a framed home.  Awesome.  To do that in a dress with no air conditioner, not so awesome.

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Then I think that the 20s and the flapper style was just the bomb.  Plus, women were given the right to vote in the 20s.  I could so have loved being part of that movement. I am sure that my family would have been part of the bootleggers making "moonshine" when Prohibition laws passed.  How scandalous that would have been!
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The styles of the 40s were something I admire as well.  I didn't, however, admire the continual segregation of races so I'm not sure I could be a part of that unless I was intending to go back to that age SOLELY for the purpose of making a change... ya know?  Other than that... women continued to be SO stylish.  

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Then you consider the 50s and the FANTASTIC music... and ELVIS!  Diners, drive-ins and poodle skirts.  Records, awesome cars, fuzzy dice and the invention of the TV dinner. I loved the dresses... fitted waist, full skirts... Moms were the quintessential June Cleaver making a full six course meal while wearing pearls...and heels. What a life!  I will say, however, that I LOVE how women WITH CURVES were embraced.  Women LOOKED like women and not waifs.  Not a fan of the waify woman.  No, I am not.
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Okay, I'm totally gonna pull a typical "April" here and say... I can't pick just one.  Plus, since I know it won't ever happen, who really cares anyway!


Paula said...

I grew up in the 50's and my mom was no June Cleaver :)

Sandy said...

Love the styles you showed the WWII time frame and 50's were the best. I grew up in the 50's and Mom was pretty close to June. She didn't clean in her heels and pearls, but she always dressed to go out in public, and always to a friends, even if she and Dad were just playing cards...heels and dresses always!

Cristy S said...

Yes!! I love that women were women and not sticks!! I would love to hang with Susan B. and Elizabeth C. That would be an awesome time to be a part of. Those dresses from the 1800's are pretty fantastic, but only if I could wear them now while sitting in the air conditioning. I am so a jeans and t-shirt mom that putting on any style of dress would be a huge change for me. haha!!

Cristy S said...

P.S. I LOVE that Pitbull song. "I don't give a Number 2" poetic lyrics right there!!

Gillian Hefer said...

I like the fact that you don't stick to the rules!!!!