Monday, July 22, 2013

Peeve Repeat

July Blogging Challenge

Today's topic at Paula's Place deals with something we ALL have in common -- pet peeves!  More specifically, what are your five biggest pet peeves?  I covered this very topic in March during the 31 Day Blog Challenge.

After a quick perusal it would be quite easy to see why it would be a complete waste of my time to try to narrow that list down to five specific items.  I will, however, add one to the list:

People that have amazing bravery behind a keyboard.  You know, the ones that spew all kinds of crap over the internet and then show up at church on Sunday mornings to usher people to their seats.  Complete total hypocrites, jerks, a$$holes and crazies all seem come out under the auspices of anonymity that the internet seemingly provides.  Unfortuntely, someone usually knows someone and that "anonymity" may be short lived.  For instance, this article... would you really like to know that YOUR CHILDREN are making any of these vile comments?  Since when does one have to be a statuesque 6' blonde to be worthy earning a title she fought for and earned??

Trust me when I say, these comments are TAME compared to others that are out there.  See here.  It's outrageous and disgusting.


Paula said...

Those are horrible remarks! I hate it when I just want to comment on something in the news and I am attacked for being crazy, white, racist, old, goes on and on. That is exactly why this country cannot get along!

Flora said...

It's ridiculous how cruel people can be! Those remarks are uncalled for.

Sandy said...

Haven't yet read the comments, but I don't think anyone should be able to post anything anonymously on blogs, social media, or forums etc. And right you are, just because someone goes to church does not a Christian make.
Pet Peeves

Cristy S said...

Those are horrible. I just hope she doesn't let it effect her win. Most of those people that post those are so insecure about themselves, they need to lash out at people who are actually successful.