Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ouch! That hurt!

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July 11:  What is the worst injury you've ever had?

You know, I've been fairly lucky.  I have never had a broken limb.  I have never had to have major surgery to repair anything I've done.  I HAVE strained, sprained, pulled, and over-exerted muscles.  Oh wait.. I HAVE broken a toe (big deal) -- But, ya know, who hasn't?

But as far as an "injury" I can't say that I've had one.  

HOWEVER, recovery from childbirth... yeah... THAT was EXTREMELY HARD!  Drew was nearly 10 pounds.  He was delivered naturally.  OUCH!  That hurt.  

There is something going on in our world right now... the running of the bulls.  I think these people are STUPID.  And, my opinion is that if you wind up victim to the horns... you kind of asked for it.  I don't really have sympathy for the stupid.  I have sympathy for the people that have to take CARE of your stupid ass.  Check out this moron here.

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Paula said...

We just watched that on TV. How can anyone be that stupid?