Monday, July 1, 2013

July Blog Challenge - Day One

July Blogging Challenge

Over at Paula's Place is a monthly blog challenge for July.  Feel like joining in?  Come on.  Link up today's answer here.  New month, fresh start.... good conversations and hey, you may even make a new friend or two.  I have!

Day One:  What are your goals for this month?

  1. Meal plan weekly which will entail a grocery store run, prep day and help me accomplish goal #2
  2. Clean eating, no cheats, no caffeine
  3. Drink 3 liters of water EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.
  5. Get Josh's curtains, vanity mirror and shelf for his bathroom purchased, installed and looking good!
  6. Maintain my sanity... school starts mid-August.
  7. Lose 8 pounds.
You?  Whatcha got going on out there?


Jen Forbes said...

Thanks for visiting my blog April...Great goals!

I was a big caffeine addict and I gave it up a few months ago. OMG! I had horrible migraines for weeks and weeks but in the end it was really worth it.

I feel a million times better because I'm sleeping better. Now I just drink seltzer water all day long..instead of tea or soft drinks.

Cristy S said...

Sounds like awesome goals. I will join you on the working out every single week day and the drinking water thing. I need to do that anyway. I don't drink caffeine so thats an easy one for me. Keeping your sanity...right there with you on that one. Elexis tests me on a daily basis.

Paula said...

I love my caffeine. I am an addict and I ain't giving it up :) Good goals April!

Lisa said...

I too am doing my best to eat clean.
My love of caffeine is not helping though !

Flora said...

I have a workout goal, too. Good luck with yours.

Leeanna Henderson said...

Thanks for visiting my blog sweetie. I'm from Texas and I call everyone sweetie, darlin, and baby girl. Please don't take offence.
I lost 85 lbs. in 4 months and it cost me my gallbladder. I drank a Slimfast in the morning for breakfast and had a large lunch, no dinner. I worked out by running up and down steps and walking. I now have a few problems with my bad back and having my knees replaced so it will be much harder for me but I'm determined to do it.
You have some awesome goals darlin. I hope you accomplish them.