Sunday, July 14, 2013

I've got 'em all!

We're close to the half way point for this month's blog challenge at Paula's Place.  Today's topic:  tell us about your birthmark, scars, tattoos or piercings.  Link up here.

Birthmark - I had one. I had a strawberry on the left side of the bridge of my nose and had to have it surgically removed.  

Scars - Everyone has these.  I shared of one with Drew Friday night as we were touring the zoo... it's a scar on the palm of my left hand.  I was trying to open one of those GIANT pixie sticks with a really sharp pair of scissors... slit my hand right open.  Most of my scars are internal.... emotional.  Just like the rest of the world. 
Photo source

Tattoos - already addressed that here.

Piercings -- I've had my nose pierced for a while and that went back.  Other than that, my ears are all that are holy.  I don't, however, wear earrings but on a very rare occasion.  I'm not really a jewelry kinda girl.


Sandy said...

I didn't address scars, must have missed that oh well.
Birthmarks, Tats, and Piercing

Paula said...

Yeah emotional scars. We have a few. I hope your are kidding about that chin tattoo! You make me smile!

Flora said...

Chin tattoo? I don't know. I have plenty of emotional scars. I bet you never looked at a pair of scissors the same.

Sandy said...

The blog post I wrote about tats goes into details folks about how the parlors are in fact not licensed, and not regulated and therefore not inspected depending on what state you live in. All states vary, and it's because of not being licensed or regulated and blood born pathogens that The Red Cross has regulations. In recent years they've loosed them a bit, so it's important to know what the laws if any apply in your state. Just thought I'd pop back and give you a mini follow up.

Ouch on the scizzors.