Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July Blog Challenge - Day 3

July Blogging Challenge

Over at Paula's Place is a monthly blog challenge for July.  Feel like joining in?  Come on.  Link up today's answer here.  New month, fresh start.... good conversations and hey, you may even make a new friend or two.  I have!

Day Three:  What was the last movie you saw in a theater?

I took Benji and Drew to see Monsters University.  If you'll recall on March 2, I took these two to a movie as well -- The Croods 3D.  While this outings wasn't quite AS bad -- it was nearly as bad.  This child was convinced that "it not coming."  Why?  Because there were 20 minutes of PREVIEWS!  What I need is to pay someone to show up early, get great seats, sit through the previews and TEXT ME when the show is about to start.  This way, we can just trot our happy behinds in, sit down, watch the show and be done with it.  

Maybe another 4-6 months and he'll be ready for yet another go at theater movies.   I really, really want to kick people in the shin ... you know, the ones with kids his age that actually sit still and ENJOY watching the movie.  I can hope, right?  Well, regardless -- I DO!  I hope ONE DAY this little brat will let me watch a movie... in a theater... without spitting remnants of partially chewed Mike & Ike candies onto my shoe.


Jen Forbes said...

Not a big kids movie fan but I don't really have little ones so I'm off the hook :)
But I remember the day!
Kids movies were hardly as sophisticated as they are now. Kids are pretty lucky.

Flora said...

I enjoy the previews, but 20 minutes is a long time for anyone to sit through let alone a child.

Paula said...

Maybe that is why I never took my kids to the movies! LOL Hang in there lady. They will grow up and leave someday and you will wish them back. Mark my words!

Cristy S said...

I loved Monsters University and The Croods. Ok, so I am a big kid movie fanatic. Previews with kids is horrible. And on top of that, because they will always inevitably have to go to the bathroom when the movie actually does start.