Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My obsession with being Jessie's Girl started a long... long time ago.

Today Paula wants to know:  Who was your childhood celebrity crush?

My inability to have "a favorite" of anything has impacted me my whole life you know... even when I was a wee little lass, I didn't have just ONE celebrity crush... I had many.

Donny Osmand - definitely a Donny's girl.  We had his albums.  I had the doll... with the purple socks.  I knew the songs.  I watched the television show.  I was even afforded the opportunity to meet him once after a concert my dad worked (he was a police officer doing a security detail).  

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Leif Garrett - He was just ... sexy.  I had this picture on my wall at some point on my youth.  
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John Stamos - yeah... he was dreamy!
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Matt Dillon - Any girl that watched Little Darlins and didn't wanna be with him was just CRAZY in my opinion!  Those eyes...those lips... swoon!
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Scott Baio - Any girl of the 70s couldn't NOT love him... he was Joanie's love on Happy Days!  Completely drool worthy.
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Shaun Cassidy - Again, no girl of the 70s room was complete without a poster of Shaun.
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And last, but CERTAINLY not least... Rick Springfield - Yes, even then... I was still a fan.  Before it was cool... posters on the wall and all!  I saved the best for last. 
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Paula said...

Rick Springfield and John Stamos still have it going on, in my opinion. And ah Donnie Osmond!

Flora said...

Most of them are still pretty hot.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

I think we all fell in love with John Stamos in Full House.

Sandy said...

Oh my goodness those are some old pictures, Scott from Family Days was cute, can't say the others did or do much for me. in the world do you spell his tv show name?
He's so Cute at Oozing Out My Ears

I must have been the only one who really disliked The Osmonds, particularly Donnie. I remember watching and enjoying Marie for a short while though.

Cristy S said...

John Stamos...yum. He still is, I love his laugh lines. Scott Baio...yum. Still is! I haven't really kept up with the rest of them. I am sure they are probably still pretty good looking.