Friday, March 8, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 8


Day 8 - Biggest Pet Peeve

Well, if this isn't the straw that's gonna break this camel's back.  Not only do I not have favorites...but I have an exponentially long list of pet peeves.  

Some are because of my children.

  • leaving the gate open
  • leaving their crap in my car
  • interrupting me
  • being disrespectful to one another
  • leaving their socks EVERYWHERE

Some are because of my pets.

  • waking up at 3:50 am to go pee
  • jumping up and down off the bed to wake me up when it's not time to get up
  • barking incessantly at the door when no one is there
  • leaving huge puddles of water after drinking (Moose)

Some are because of idiot drivers.

  • if you're driving faster than me, you're a maniac
  • if you're driving slower than me, you're a douche bag
  • if you're blocking me in so that I can't pass, you're a jerk
  • if you take up two parking places, you have a little penis

Some are from the gym.

  • not reracking your weights
  • wearing gross amounts of cologne
  • not wiping your sweat off machines
  • playing SLOW ASS SONGS to work out to

Some are at the grocery store.

  • leaving your cart in the middle of the aisle 
  • having to take any child with me
  • stupid music played on the speakers

Some are from my family.

  • this list is too long to list

Some are at restaurants.

  • getting screwed at the drive thru
  • waiting forever for a refill

Some are from facebookers.

  • Vaguebooking
  • Putting your entire life out there and airing dirty laundry
  • fighting with your children
  • not saying something to your daughters when they're dressed like HOOKERS and posting pictures as such
  • posting gross, disgusting, nasty pictures of cuts, infections, boils, things that have been removed from your body, etc.  

Some are things I do!

  • walking into a room and not remembering why I'm there (that's the big one)

I'm a full long list of peeve!  Yes, I am. I am the ultimate peever. The great thing is that I can peeve about it and then it's gone.  However, when I see it again... I'm momentarily peeved again.  It *does* pass, but it's still a momentarily lapse of peace into peevement.  

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