Wednesday, March 27, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 27


Day 27 - List 3 online friends you've never met in real life but hope to soon.

It's amazing to me how an online presence in a virtual community can create bonds and friendships that never would have "been" in real life due to locale.  Are those friendships real?  You better believe it!  I wrote about that very topic here.

The first example is scrapbooking.  Because of scrapbooking I've befriended many people... some I have stayed quite close to all along the way... be it by design teams, on-line forums, Yahoo groups, etc.  


Gwen, Janet, Felicia, Christa and Mary.

I adore these women and KNOW there will be a time when I will get to see their beautiful faces in person.  Most of them I'm friends with in that I check up on them... I check in on them... I correspond with them (Facebook is GREAT for that, you know?!)  I know their husbands, their jobs, their kids, their pets, their passions.  We are "friends."  Just friends from afar.

Another instance that makes me think is that as many of you know, I have embarked on a journey to health and fitness by cleaning up my diet and keeping my body active (lifting weights, etc.)  By doing this, I joined an online forum and by joining this particular forum I have met some of THE MOST INSPIRING women.  I consider them my "friends in fitness."  We can talk about anything.  We share recipes.  We share successes.  We encourage.  We inspire one another.  We all have a common goal and know that it takes a while to get there AND the best way TO get there is through a good support system.  I PLAN to meet them all!  I don't hope to.  I plan on it!  These women are REAL!  Several more from the board I'm developing friendships with but these three... have been my anchors from the start!  :)  <3 em to pieces!


Addie, Sharon, Amy

That is one forum where I have encountered an online community that I now consider "friends," but another is in the blog world.  I follow many many blogs.  Most are sporadically followed, but some are ones that I adore and continually exchange in conversation with their writers.  That being said... ONE stands out because she's SO real and SO sweet and I just love her to pieces.  

Alexis has to be my favorite super mom... of all time.  Her blog Running Away?  I'll Help You Pack is just full of fun projects, recipes, and REALITY!  


Laura said...

Look how many there are! Isn't the internet so wonderful. It's made the world so much smaller.

Cristy S said...

What a great list! I am definitely a fan of yours.

Amy Wills Gray said...

<3 you too!! Can't imagine how dull or uninspired my life would be without you and the gals in our group! xoxo

Amooretto said...

Awe, thanks Ape! Love you too! I miss our fun instant messenger talks late at night and scrapbooking from afar. You're an awesome gal/mom/scrapper/friend/blogger....the list goes on! I'm glad we met via internet. You've been a confidant, a great lending ear, etc. I wish I hadn't gone back to working, all my 'me time' has taken me away from my hobbies and my internet friends. I miss them all! But at least we have FB and emails to keep each other up to date with what's going on. {Hugs}