Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Fill Ins

ffiIt's time for Friday Fill Ins

They are doing lyrics this week...but apparently, I'm free to fill in WHATEVER I'd like. I would anyway because that's the way I roll. we go! 

1. Bert Kaempfert's a name that I've never heard of

2. My son Joshua comes by athletic ability naturally I just wish his study habits also came as such

3. So I'm packing my bags for NO WHERE.  Doesn't that SUCK?  I want to go somewhere.  Spring break is two weeks away.  I have zero plans.  I need to do something.  Bleh!  The closest thing I get to a BREAK is going grocery shopping by myself.  

4. I love listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn play the blues

5. Put the damned cell phone down and LOOK AT PEOPLE when they talk to you! 

6. Anyone who 
dips her donut in my tea better be ready to wear it!  

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a workout at the gym, tomorrow my plans include taking my younger two to a movie (a private screening of The Croods) and then Drewdles is having a sleepover with his bestie.  I'm certain there will be LOTS of gaming... and little else and Sunday, I want to pretend to give a crap about something.  It'll be hard!

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