Monday, March 4, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 4


Day 4 - Best childhood memory

Let  me be completely frank here, I struggle at "bests" and "favorites" simply because I typically have no desire to designate anything as the end-all-be-all-best-most-favorite-in-my-life (on most accounts, there are obviously exclusions to every list).... but most often because I also have a vast genre of likes.  Therefore, there CAN'T be a favorite when you're comparing apples and oranges.  This is purely subjective as best but it's my explanation as to why I typically generate a specific ONE favorite for any given request.

That being said, this category almost makes me sad because of all the obscure, meaningless, odd, trivial minutiae clouding my brain... I honestly do not remember a great deal of my childhood.  Furthermore, I certainly don't recall any one legendary moment as being my "favorite" over any other.  

I remember...

...leaving my new box of crayons outside in the sun and they all melted together (at the tip) into one big crayon block... I was about four years old at the time.  Favorite?  Nope.  Just a memory.

...playing freeze tag out front of my house with Kim Nash, Robbie and Shannon Fry, Steve Rodawalt and my sister.

...talking with walkie talkies to Tammy Thompson next door after bedtime on school nights.

...our black cocker spaniel, Casey

...nacho nights at our house

...playing penny ante poker with my Uncle Leonard

...playing on our pinball machine... green shag carpet, stark white walls and orange chairs.  The 70s decor and color palette sucks even still.

...taking apart the telephone to see how it worked and successfully putting it back together again.

...dancing to Solid Gold with my sister across the linoleum floor.

...winning awards, listening to Oak Ridge Boys records at my grandmother's house, going on vacations, endless sleepovers at my best friend Shannon's house, riding on the arm rests of my grandmother's Oldsmobile Tornado before seat belts and car seats were a legal requirement... I remember lots of little bits but nothing strikes me as anything neither significant nor worthy of the designation of favorite.  

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