Thursday, March 14, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 14


DAY 14 - What's On Your iPod

This is actually quite easy because I don't own one. So, NOTHING!


I have a Microsoft Zune mp3 player.  

A what?  A "Zune?"

What... you've never HEARD of a Zune?  

(Yeah, well, join the rest of the world!)  

I have the most varied tastes in music.  

I have everything from 

Etta James to Brittney Spears
     Lady Antebellum to Lady Gaga
          Rob Zombie to Enrique Iglesias
               George Strait to George Jones to George Thorogood
                    Metallica to Enya
                         Michael Buble to Keith Urban
                              Pit Bull to Uncle Kracker
                                   Kid Rock to Christian Aguilera.

Get the point?  Yeah, I gots lotsa tunes. I LURVE music!


Laura said...

You have a Zune! That is awesome! Reminds me of this:

Paula said...

My cousin has a Zune. You do have a varied taste in music, girl! :)

benbidder said...

I love variety too! I could never say what my favorite is, there are too many!! :)