Thursday, March 21, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 21


DAY 21 - What Is Your Biggest Fear?

I find phobias fascinating.  (Didja like the alliteration in that sentence?  Go back and read it again... I'll wait!)  

Back?  Ok... moving on.

I find it completely amazing and bewildering how some seemingly ordinary things, events, creatures, ideas, etc. can render a person completely into a panic stricken and fearing-for-their-lives mode.  I do. It's morbidly fascinating to me.  

I've never been one that is scared of mice.  I'd have one for a pet.  Rats... same thing.
I'm not afraid of the dark.  However, I was when I was younger (addressed here).
I'm not afraid of spiders. I've picked up tarantulas and let them crawl all over my arm.
I'm not afraid of snakes. I'll pick them up, handle them, etc.

So, in order to make an educated post, I did a precursory search to see what people were afraid of because, around these parts (meaning my house) we're not afraid of much of anything.  

Actual "definable" events or things were:
  1. Flying
  2. Public Speaking
  3. Heights (acrophobia)
  4. Dark (nyctophobia)
  5. Death
  6. Spiders (arachnophobia)
  7. Clowns
  8. Snakes (ophidiophobia)
  9. Driving
  10. The dentist which could be because of a fear of needles (trypanophobia)
  11. Dogs (yes, this was really on a couple of lists)
  12. Confined spaces where there isn't a clearly defined exit (agoraphobia) 
I find it just fascinating that people are more afraid of public speaking and the dark than they are of death!  CRAZY!  Just crazy!

So, now I get to add my two cents to this.  I do have a fear of the flying, stinging, buzzing creatures.  I've addressed that here (Number 7) and here as well.  I will add, however, that although I GREATLY dislike them... should push come to shove, I WILL kill them and face that fear.  I just prefer not to.

I had a woman come over with some tile samples recently to give me a quote on a new floor.  She brought in several large show boards.  I was helping her load her car and when I leaned into the passenger side, I notice a huge red wasp on the driver's side sun shade.  She was about to get into the car.  I screamed at her to wait... There was a wasp inside.  I took off my hat and swatted it out of her car without incident.  She literally was in tears.  Why?  Because she is deathly allergic and wasn't in her vehicle which has her epi-pen.  So, while I generally want nothing to do with those little buzzing bastards, I certainly have no problem killing them.  I just generally prefer to do it by screaming for someone else to come play Grim Reaper!

Then, of course, there are the broader spectrum of fears like... 
  1. Losing your freedom
  2. The unknown
  3. Pain
  4. Disappointment
  5. Intimacy
  6. Failure
  7. Rejection
  8. Commitment
  9. Misery
  10. Loneliness
  11. Ridicule
I look at those and just can't imagine being afraid... TO LIVE?!  That's so sad to think that people are afraid to try anything because of some paralyzing fear.  I mean, every DAY is an unknown.  There is no guarantee.  

Pain?  You're going to experience pain... emotional and physical.  Deal with it.  Don't be a whiney ass.  

Disappointment?  Seriously?  People are afraid to be disappointed?  Sheesh... remove yourself from the gene pool already oh, and DON'T have children.  

But, to be frank, intimacy is one I can understand because of abandonment that many kids have experienced which they then bring into adulthood.  

Failure is one that to me is a cop out.  If you're afraid to fail, you're afraid to live.  Why?  Because if you're afraid to fail, you're afraid to try!  What IS the point in living if you're not willing to get out there and TRY?  Might you fail?  Sure, but I'd rather die trying than to live a life never knowing if I could have succeeded.  

Just mind boggling -- these types of fears are to me.  Weak minded.  I don't see these as phobias and fears, I see them as choices.  STUPID ONES at that.

That being said, I guess, as a mom, to say that I didn't have a fear would be a big fat bold-faced lie.  I do.  I have a fear of something happening to me (though I'm not afraid to die) which would leave my children without a mother to take care of them.  

... someone to be their biggest fan (because no one can be that person better than a mom!  Sorry, dads.)
... someone to make sure their lunches are packed.
... someone to make sure they get a home-cooked breakfast 5 days a week
... someone to make sure that vacations actually get planned
... someone to stay invested in them so that they realize their self worth
... someone to make sure they are hugged and coddled and embarrassed and raised with a healthy dose of reality, an ounce of humility, an idea of pride, an understanding of hard work and a compassionate heart for others. 

I don't want my boys raised without the loving guidance of ME, their mother.  


Mama Kat said...

I agree! I remember watching a daytime talk show (Maury?) where a woman was on who had a tin foil phobia. Naturally someone came running out with tin foil and the lady FREAKED out. No idea if that was for real or not, but it SEEMED real and I'm like you...absolutely fascinated. But now when I use tin foil and think about her...a part of me can kind of see why she would hate it so much. It's a thin bendable metal! Gross.

Paula said...

I loved this April. I know that my fear of mice is irrational but nevertheless it is my FEAR. And I agree with you about the broader spectrum of fears....that is just life and we should not be afraid of life. I understand your fear but I can assure you that there is one person that CAN replace a mother...that is a really good GRANDMOTHER. I am proof! Back to the beginning of your post...the word alliteration...thanks to my studious grandson, I knew what you were talking about LOL Good post

Tami @ Mixed Media Life said...

Great post! Got me thinking about my irrational fear of the dentist - which makes me super cool at parties.

Cristy S said...

Wonderful post. I hate the sound of birds flapping their wings and I will run screaming like a little girl if one does it near my head, but I'm not scared of it. I think it is because I have super sensitive hearing and the sound makes my head hurt. I agree about the broader spectrum of fears. You can't let those fears run your life or you will be miserable.
I agree completely with your fear of something happening to yourself. I fear that too. I don't want my daughter to grow up without her mom.

ps. I love alliterations! My daughter and I were in the car earlier today talking about alliterations.