Wednesday, March 20, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 20


DAY 20 - What Do You Collect?

Define "collect" will ya, Peach?  I mean, I have, utilize and purchase Fiestaware dinner dishes, but it's not a collection -- it's dinner plates and bowls and saucers.  And yes, I'm one of those people that doesn't have everything all the same color -- HOW BORING IS THAT?! Every one of my plates is a different color.  I love it!  Variety is the spice of life!

If you're repeatedly given something, does that mean you collect them?  If so, I am collecting boogers.  Benji makes sure I never run out.  This isn't him... but seriously, he's got that digit up there so often it kind of freaks me out.  Sure, the finger "fits" get over it!

I'm collecting heavy sighs from Josh when he's asked to do something like... ooooh ya know... HOMEWORK.  

Oh, I'm collecting teeth from Drew.  He's in that stage of life where the damn things are about to start falling out of his head en masse leaving me playing tooth fairy at all hours of the night.  Do you know how hard it is to walk through the room of a Lego collector to play "tooth fairy?"  I should get hazard pay for this job!

At one point I "collected" Willow Tree Demdaco angels and figurines, but I have the few that I wanted... and I don't want anymore.  So, I guess you could say that it's a small collection  -- even if it's one that I really don't want to grow.

Oh, oh, oh.... I collect BOOKS!  I am a horrible book whore... or even maybe a hoarder.  I have, however, entered the world of and once I'm able to finally (tearfully, regretfully, sorrowfully) let a book "go" from my possession, I at least have "credit" to order another one I'm interested in from the thousands of people out there using this site.  It's awesome!  

I can also say, with some remorse (but not much) that I collect scrapbook supplies.  Pattie Cagle said it best when she bought me my keychain, "She who dies with the most scrapbook supplies... WINS!"  I'm winning!  (And, I probably have more stuff than this person, but I like this room!)

Really, however, I collect hugs... kisses... snuggles... laughs... moments.  I collect them all and try to find ways to keep them close to me always because it's not the stuff... but the memories that you have that are truly worth keeping in the end.


Tami @ Mixed Media Life said...

Too funny! I love your collectables. We have a lot of books too. They're not really a collection - they're family! :)

Laura said...

I LOVE your dishes! Mine are all white. Just...white.

Melanie Crouse said...

I love this! Well, maybe not the booger part. :D But you collect the most awesome stuff ever. Especially the hugs.

Cristy S said...

Haha!! Boogers! It's hard to be the tooth fairy, when you want to scream curse words at the 1/4 inch lego that just impaled your foot! Your dishes are wonderful. I also am a book whore. I think it's a good thing. At least you let yours go. I am going to have to try out that website. I need to make room for more books.