Friday, March 22, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 22


DAY 22 - What Do You Do When You're Home All Alone?

Honestly, I think if I were smart, I would sleep.  I would utilize that time to "be" since I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off every damn morning and afternoon. I should use that time to enjoy the quiet and peace and serenity of no television, no cars, no children... no nothing.

But, I don't.

I clean.  
     I do laundry.  
          I meal plan.  
               I plan activities. 
                    I manage calendars.  
                         I work.  
I edit documents.  
     I create newsletters.  
          I blog.  
               I answer e-mail.  
                    I read.  
                         I exercise (or dance around to my MP3 player)

Yet, every now and again I do have my own little slice of heaven... because I have... wait for it... oh yes... the highly coveted GUACAMOLE.  And that makes everything all better.  Sometimes it's the little indulgences that makes everything else sustainable.

I can tell you one thing I do NOT do, I don't watch TV.  EVER!


BossNurse said...

oh my dear Lord, do I love quacamole. Especially my home made version, spiked with a bit of our wonderful New Mexico roasted green chile. Have a good day!

Cristy S said...

Ahh guacamole, that sounds wonderful!! I sometimes think about taking a nap during my alone time, but I can sleep with my family here. I just want to eat spoonfuls of ice cream straight out of the carton without getting caught!

ramsaygrace said...

Guacamole sounds heavenly right now. I also do a little dancing and singing when left to my own devices. When I do it in front of the kids they're like, "Mom is such a weirdo!" lol

Paula said...

Why is it that when a woman gets time alone she cleans or works for others. We need to take care of ourselves!!