Thursday, March 28, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 28


Day 28: What is your guilty pleasure?

Why was I instantly filled with the compulsion to do a maniacal laugh?

Guilty pleasure... probably staying in my pajamas until 3-4 in the afternoon and reading... books, blogs, you name it.  

That or locking my life outside my studio doors and scrapbooking... card making... crafting.

Or, you know, putting on my favorite tunes and just tuning out of life and into my music.  I'm a music junkie you know....

So, nothing too profound.  Books, jammies, tunes.  I know, pretty damn exciting huh?  


Christine @ Mama Papa Barn said...

oh, jammies all day sounds great!

Cole Nemeth said...

I love staying in my PJs, too. :)

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