Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

Do you ever wonder why it is that stupid Americans can just turn anything into a reason to get drunk and act like an idiot?  

Memorial Day -- woo's a day off work and a day to cook out and drink!

Labor Day -- woo hoo... it's a day off work and a day to cook out and drink!

But today... today is St. Patrick's Day.  Waa-hoo.  So exciting.  I'm bursting with fruit flavor.  This IS my excited face.

I would almost bet my life if you asked 90% of revelers if they knew what St. Patrick's Day was all about, they'd say being lucky, being Irish or Guinness beer.  

St. Patrick's Day is the day when Christians celebrate the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.  It's the day of the great feast.  It's the only day during Lent when the drinking ban is lifted in order to rejoice.  Why, pray tell, do we need to have alcohol of ANY type in order to rejoice in the first place?  

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not against a celebration or a get together.  But know why you're there in the first place.  The idiots leading the idiots really make me understand why our country is in this perpetual state of "toilet."

For the record, I didn't rejoice.  

I played in a sand box... and vacuumed... and did laundry... and washed sheets... and cleaned a kitchen... and washed dishes... and tried to drink copious amounts of water to try to rid my body of an infection.  A round of cranberry juice for everyone!  Next time, add a little vodka to mine!  Just for grins.



Paula said...

I loved this! I didn't do any celebrating of any kinds either. I did work on trying to get my husband to take a few bites of potato soup. I guess we could call that a bit Irish don't you think

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Lol it's so true it's a frat boys dream these holidays.

Hope ur feeling better soon! I would go with the vodka lol