Tuesday, March 26, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 26


Day 26 - What's your favorite food?

I'm that girl.  I'm going to meet this one kicking and screaming because not only do I not have a favorite number, color, season, song, movie.... I don't have a favorite food either.  

I'm not one of those women who craves chocolate and that's my favorite.

I don't have a particular cuisine that I prefer over another -- Italian over Mexican... Greek over American... Indian over Japanese.  

I don't prefer a good ole steak and potatoes dinner to one of my epic salads with warm, rotisserie chicken breast.

I guess, if I have to pick one thing... just one... I'll pick guacamole.  

But I'm not happy about it!

It's perfect before, during and after any meal.  It's good for you!  It's something you can have anytime, anywhere... and if it's really good, you won't want to share it.... you'll hide it and only have it when you're sure no one will dare try to take it from you!  (Shhh.... I do this.... don't tell anyone!)  And, while it's good in small doses (they even have single serving sizes if you're in a pinch for time), if you can have a big ole batch all to yourself... to consume at your leisure.... you will be one happy pilgrim!  Yes you will!  

I'm hungry now.


Cole Nemeth said...

Ha ha! I do the same thing with food I really like. I wait until my daughter is asleep, and the hubby isn't around so no one will ask for any of my favourite food.

Paula said...

I like guacamole....but everytime I eat it I get sick. So I don't eat it anymore. I must have an allergy or something.

crazycatlady said...

My favourite food would have to be good old-fashioned British fish and chips! Not that I eat it very often, too calorie-laden!
While I'm here I notice you have visited my blog before and I wondered if you would like to visit again and play my new meme, Tuesday Choices. I would be really grateful if you would as I don't want to be the only person doing it!

benbidder said...

I usually don't have a favorite anything..but yeah, I really do enjoy brownies, lol. Even when I couldn't care less about eating, I still liked the brownies. :D

Cristy S said...

We are on the same wave! I love food, don't really have a favorite overall. I do love me some guacamole though. Yum! I totally hate sharing my "current favorite at the moment" food too. My husband knows this and asks for a bite every time!

Laura said...

I'm that poor girl that loves the taste of avocados but can't handle the texture. *cries*