Tuesday, March 19, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 19


DAY 19 - List 5 Blogs You Read on a Regular Basis and Why

I'm a self-professed blog-a-holic... and you want me to only pick 5?  This is a tragedy! But if 5 if what you see, 5 is what it is.

1)  Running Away?  I'll Help You Pack - my blogging friend Alexis is the SUPERMOM behind this blog.  Seriously, y'all... she puts us all to shame!  And she creates all these adorable fun treats and NEVER EATS THEM!  She has willpower to go along with her willpower!  AMAZING recipes (I've tried many)... fun book reviews... neat gift ideas.  She's just a fun one-stop-shop!  

2) Becky's Blog - this is the world-famous Becky Higgins.... scrapbooker extrordinaire!  She is the creator of Project Life.  She's creative.  She's fun.  She's awesome.  

3) Enjoying the Small Things - Kelle Hampton's blog.  She's an AMAZING photographer and an even more amazing writer.  I first became hooked when she documented the emotional let-down she experienced after delivering a baby with Down's Syndrome.    It's every mother's worst nightmare to think your child will be born pretty and perfect and pink with ten fingers, ten toes, lungs ready to wail and a future as bright as the halogen bulbs beaming down on you from the delivery room.  Her heart was left in the letters on that page... and you could FEEL IT!  I love writing like that!  Her story moved me... not only to tears but also (and more importantly) to document the journeys in life... the struggles... the trials... yes, she documents their amazing days.... but she also tells you how sometimes they suck.  But that it's WORTH IT!  Do it -- just because.  I live a fuller life... because of her!  Truth!

4)  The Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond.  I own her children's books.  I own her cook books.  I have DVR'd her show on the Food Network.  I adore her dog, Charlie.  I love her photography.  I love her to pieces.  She's an accidental country girl... who can cook!  

5) {ae} - Ali Edwards.  She is THE most amazing scrapbooker on the planet in my eyes.  Her take at it is not a hobby but a way of documenting life.  She takes it past the bits of paper and photos...and teaches you how to truly create keepsakes that are memorable and meaningful.  

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