Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Six

Saturday Six #465For the past 26 weeks, the Saturday Six consisted of questions based upon keywords inspired by letters of the alphabet. I went through the entire alphabet, even giving X and Z their fair shot. 

One of Patrick's longtime readers, Mika, who now lives in Finland, suggested that just for fun, he should do one more week of questions with words that started with a Scandinavian letter, the Å. The letter is known elsewhere as a symbol for the Ångstrom, a measure of length in physics named after Anders Jonas Ångström.
With Mika’s help, he was able to find six words that begin with Å. And he also added a translation, just so we didn't have to look them up. (Finding a way to type Å on a computer keyboard can present its own challenge!)

1. Å is for ÅKOMMA (“Ailment”): What illness do you most expect to deal with one day?
I fully expect to deal with full-on Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I mean, I already deal with bouts of it... but I fully expect one day that it will be an almost ever-present pain in the joints!  Well, that and dementia.  Seeing that I already have a feeling like I'm losing my mind half the time, I can't say that I will be the one dealing with it as much as others who have to deal with ME.  Some say that it comes with having children.  Others have told me that it was because I use a WHITE anti-perspirant/deodorant rather than just deodorant.  Whatever the case may be, I shall deal with it... one way, or another.

2. Å is for ÅLDER (“Age”): Do you feel younger than your real age, older than your real age or at your real age?
It depends on where I am.  When I am picking up middle schoolers, I feel my age.  When I'm picking up my preschooler, I feel old (because most moms there are twenty-somethings).  When I'm at the gym in the middle of the day, I feel  YOUNG because it's a geriatric convention usually.  When my rheumatoid arthritis is acting up, I feel REALLY old.

3. Å is for ÅLDERON (“Old Age”): What part of retirement do you most look forward to?
What do you mean?  Aren't I retired NOW?  Ha ha ha.  I don't look forward to anything other than tomorrow -- especially since nothing is guaranteed.

4. Å is for ÅR (“Year”): Of the years you’ve lived through so far, which year was best for you?
This is against my cardinal rule of never picking a favorite anything because you're bound to leave out something of significant importance.  However, that being said... this past year was probably the best... for a multitude of reasOns... ;)  

5. Å is for ÅSTED (“Crime Scene”): What’s the closest you’ve been to a real-life crime scene?

When I was IN a real-life crime scene.  I worked for the El Paso County Sheriff's Office... it was inevitable.  I will say forensic science is MUCH more exciting on television.  

6. Å is for ÅTERVÄNDA (“To Return to a Place”): What place that you’ve visited in the past would you most like to return to some day?
Estes Park, Colorado.  
Disney World
New York City
Las Vegas, Nevada
Broken Bow, OK no particular order.

You should have seen spell check’s reaction to this one!
Thanks for playing and I hope you’ll be back next week!

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