Wednesday, March 6, 2013

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 6


Day 6 - Your last random act of kindness

I try to be present in thought and deed at all times... for the most part because you never know if your word (because I do believe words can be VERY powerful) or deed could be the best part of someone's day... 

As such, I try to pay MEANINGFUL compliments to others... at every available opportunity. I did that today at the gym.

But, as far as an actual deed... I baked some fresh cinnamon bread for a teacher that I sponsor at the school.  Since she's a "specialty" teacher (computer/art/etc.) she doesn't have a "class" to spoil her certain holidays and such.  So, I adopted her and do something nice for her every month.  It may be just a random act of kindness but it lets them know how appreciative we are for their time and talents in teaching our students.

Before that, I bought someone's drink at Subway last Friday when I went there.  

What is more important, to me, is for my CHILDREN to be a part of these small things so that they realize that NOTHING you can do for another person is EVER too small of an act... because the little things ARE truly the big things in life.

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