Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Fill-Ins


Oh yes oh yes!  It's that time of the week!  Friday Fill Ins!  Ready?  Set!  GO! we go!

1. The wind blew wildly today and I nearly lost my Einstein baseball cap in the parking lot.  

2. Upping my weights at the gym for various exercises and  leg days make me feel warm and happy all over.

3. The smell of fresh baked bread makes me think of my grandmother.

4. When I am feeling lazy I read on the hammock in the back yard.

5. Brilliant --nothing-- is my favorite color as I'm not one who adorns herself in anything I would even remotely consider "brilliant."  The below -- NEVER!  And those shoes?  GAAAAHHH!

6. The door creaked and a Benji came in.  It's really a blessing and a curse that he can open doors now.  Grrrrr.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to preparing and packing for my scrapbook crop, tomorrow my plans include an all day/all night scrapbook crop with a little baseball game thrown in for good measure and Sunday, I want to pick up my kiddo from school as he will be coming back from his school camping trip to Big Bend!


AlwaysJoy said...

What a great weekend!
Do you really have an Einstein cap? I might need one for my sister who named her dog Einstein

Rabia said...

AAAAHHH! It's Chuckie!! :)

Have a great weekend!

YuL hm said...

wish to have a hammock at my back yard but the "monkeys" are just crazy. well it's a huge jungle at the back of my home and so very many animals can be seen here aha ! sound interesting but NO :p

crazycatlady said...

Thanks for your comment. A hot water bottle is a rubber bottle with a stopper, that you fill with hot water and use to warm your bed, or yourself.